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2023 Microtrends

Trends That Will Go out of Style

Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

In 2023, there were many microtrends, “trends” that faced a surge of sudden popularity for a few months in a specific scope, but were then quickly forgotten. On social media platforms, certain beauty products, fashion items and lifestyle aesthetics appear on people’s feeds, urging them to follow the new trend to fit in. With this influence on social media, people tag along and buy the products rapidly, until a few months later those trends are no longer in style and new things are popular instead. The following list of trends were popular this year, but likely won't be trendy in the future. 

Calf Length Long Denim Skirts

Calf length long denim skirts were very popular in the spring of 2023. All over TikTok, influencers paired a long denim skirt with their day-to-day outfits. However, as soon as this clothing piece reached the internet, it was quickly gone. Due to them only being popular for a short amount of time, and only being flattering on certain body types, this trend was very short-lived.

“I think maxi denim skirts will go out of style because they're ugly.” junior Blair Brooks said. 

 In the new year, it will be difficult to catch people wearing this piece in their wardrobe. 

Corset Tops

While corsets have been a staple element of fashion for centuries, the surge of fast-fashion corset tops will not be in style for much longer.

“Corsets have been used all throughout history, and evolve into the fashion of the time period.” junior Kylee Cronin said. 

 Though corset tops can be fashionable and classy, recently, they have been overworn. All over social media and in real life, most girls have at least one corset top for going out with their friends. However, the sudden rise of corset tops has made them marketable on cheap fast fashion websites, like Shein. Because this clothing piece is cheaply made and exhaustively worn out, this trend will disappear in the new year.


Bows are a symbol of many girls' childhoods. The bows that were once worn in our hair, are now also seen as a jewelry design, a clothing pattern and even tattoos. The simple pairing of a bow in one's hair, with a cute outfit is a classy style. Nonetheless, the sudden rise of bow print everywhere will lead this trend to its downfall. 

“The way bows are trendy now won't last forever, but they always come back in a different variation.” freshmen Madelyn Singleton said. 

 In 2024, the bow trend will not be in style because it is overused.

Stanley Cups 

Every few years, a new water bottle brand rises, and everyone buys it to replace their old water bottle that is out of style. In 2023, Stanley Cups rose to popularity, replacing the former popular cup, Hydroflasks. Stanley Cups are cute and practical water bottles and come in various shades. Despite this, there was a short period when Hydroflasks were popular until they weren't, and this will reflect on Stanley Cups as well. 

“I think Stanley Cups are going to go out of style in the next few years because it's the same thing with the hydroflasks,” sophomore Nick Streety said. “Hydroflasks were trendy for a year or two and then they went out of style.” 

 Because of past movements of trends, in 2024, Stanley Cups will go out of style and a new water bottle will gain popularity. 


The comfy slippers that were popular in the 2010s have resurfaced in 2023. The ideal winter shoe transitioned from an at-home, leisure shoe paired with pajamas, to an everyday shoe that is now often worn with jeans. Though Uggs are the ultimate comfy shoe, in 2024 they will not be as fashionable. 

“Uggs are going to go out of style because nothing stays in style forever and everythings gotta go out.” freshman Henry Richardson said. 

Uggs will continue to be worn with sweats, but the trend of them being worn with jeans will not last long. Because Uggs are seasonable shoes, this trend will not be as popular in the new year. 

Overall, these trends are popular now but since they are seasonal, overworn or cheaply made, they might lose their style in the new year. These items can continue to be cute and used, but trends often find their way out of admiration.


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