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A Tale of Three Fiancées

The Maclay Theatre Company’s Performance of the Play “Boeing Boeing”

On Dec. 1 through Dec. 3, the Maclay Theatre Company presented their production of “Boeing Boeing,” a Tony Award winning play written by French playwright Marc Camoletti. Set in the 1960s, “Boeing Boeing” follows the story of a man named Bernard, played by sophomore Bryson Willis, who comically struggles with the messy complications of having three airline hostess fiancées who he balances by their flight schedules. The three women are an American woman named Gloria, played by sophomore Mya Rutledge, an Italian woman named Gabriella, played by junior Emily Hawken and a German woman named Gretchen, played by junior Giada Price, who don’t know that they are all engaged to the same man. And of course, for comedic relief, the character Berthe, played by sophomore Sofia Evers, makes appearances throughout the play that never fail to get the audience laughing. The play goes on as the drama unravels, and the Maclay Theatre Company brought this story to life on the stage with their hilarious acting and great performance.

The Maclay Theatre Company excelled in portraying the personalities of their characters and delivering their lines with remarkable realism. The acting in this play was incredibly professional and well-rehearsed, with hardly any slip-ups. Even when actors and actresses made small mistakes with their lines, they seamlessly played it off, showcasing their skill in making the errors almost imperceptible to the audience. Each character had distinctive traits and even different accents, all of which were shown through the phenomenal acting of the Maclay actors and actresses.

Another aspect that really brought this show to life were the beautiful costumes that the actors and actresses wore. Since “Boeing Boeing” is set in the 1960s, the costumes had to be accurate to the time period. The colorful dresses that the actresses wore were perfect, from their airline hostess outfits to the fancy dresses, they all fit the time period as best as they could. Each of the three fiancées had their own color palette for every costume, which was a nice detail that differentiated their personalities. The two male characters, Bernard and his friend Robert, played by senior Louis Dearman, wore suits during the show which worked well with the 1960s vibe. Overall, the costumes for the Maclay Theatre Company’s production of “Boeing Boeing” were near perfect.

One thing that truly brought this play to life on the stage was the beautiful and incredibly realistic set. The set for the entire duration of the show was of the character Bernard’s apartment in Paris, brought to life by Director Millie Seckel, Assistant Director Adia Seckel, Lighting and Sound Design Cindy Thomas, Set Designer Stephen Seckel and Set Painter Jack Seckel. The walls were painted a gorgeous teal color and the set also had functional doors that were a necessary part of the story, as many of the characters had dramatic exits that required a good slamming of the door. The set built for “Boeing Boeing” in the Cartee Gym was the perfect backdrop for the play and gave the show a realistic look.

Overall, “Boeing Boeing” was another win for the Maclay Theatre Company. It was very apparent that the cast, crew and directors worked incredibly hard on this production and followed through with their performances. They put on a phenomenal show, with amazing acting, stunning costumes and a gorgeous set.

<Star Raing>

Acting: ★★★★★

Costumes: ★★★★★

Set: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★


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