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Falling for Fall

Why Fall Is the Best Season

Photo by Lyndon Li on Unsplash

Autumn, often referred to as fall in North America, is one of the four main seasons on Earth. Fall marks the end of summer and begins the transition into winter. During the season, the amount of daylight throughout the day becomes noticeably shorter – one of the reasons America practices daylight savings. Out of all four seasons, fall is the best. There are so many pros that come along with autumn. The cooler temperatures outside are one of them. It is without fault the best time for weekends spent watching football and fun festivities, such as pumpkin patches, baking, Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

High temperatures are extremely exhausting, especially the heat in Florida. Fall gives residents a sense of relief, with lower temperatures typically ranging from 50-70 degrees. The colder weather also comes with many health benefits. For instance, our body’s main focus is maintaining an ideal temperature of 98.6 degrees Farenheight. This causes extra calories to be burned, making it easier for many to burn fat faster. According to Maryland Primary Care Physicians, exercising in cooler weather boosts your body’s energy expenditure which also helps to burn more calories and provide more energy to our bodies. Allergies are also less common in fall because plants are not making pollen. Just like putting ice on an injury, cool temperatures help with reducing inflammation. These benefits linked to the human body make fall much more pleasing.

Everybody loves football season whether you are at the game cheering or watching from home. It is a time for tailgating and watching parties with friends and family. American football is played almost everywhere during the months of August to November. High school levels, college levels and the National Football Ledge (NFL)  all usually take place around this time. NFL Draft Diamonds says football is an incredibly popular sport because people find it extremely entertaining. Many families create bets or participate in fantasy football teams to add a spin to their Sunday night rituals. Each NFL team has a total of 16 games each season. If the team has a phenomenal season they will typically proceed to the playoffs. All throughout fall you can watch a game every Saturday or Sunday. Whether it is college football or the NFL, it is a fun family tradition. 

Autumn is the season of many festivities. Halloween is one of them. During this time kids dress up in costumes and go door to door throughout neighborhoods asking for candy. Many people also visit pumpkin patches to get in the holiday spirit and enjoy seasonal treats like pumpkin spice coffee, apple cider and candy corn. As reported by Choose Tallahassee, Farm Tour is a farm in Tallahassee that offers an abundance of fun activities throughout this time of year. They have pumpkin patches, hayrides and fun interactive petting zoos. These seasonal activities add to an extra excitement for fall. 

While longer days in the summer is fun, the extra hour we gain during daylight savings in the fall certainly makes up for it. Though the school year can be long and dreadful, there are also countless exciting things that come with it, such as sports games, school dances, field trips and class parties. Finding the fun in each season, even if it is not your favorite season, is very important. Even something as simple as taking your dog for a walk in the crisp fall air or getting together and watching a silly football game with your friends could help you to make the season a little more enjoyable. 


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