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“SAW X” Review

“This is not Retribution, It's a Reawakening.”

The long awaited addition to the “SAW” franchise is finally here and it does not disappoint. “SAW” has always been a controversial series, cultivating a genre of its own that includes movies like “Hostel.” However, that does not stop it from being an amazing film. Director Kevin Greutert returns the movie back to its roots and gives every horror fan what they have wanted. The “SAW” franchise has been facing a lot of backlash due to its weird timelines and spinoffs that don’t hold up to the original story. Still, “SAW X” is one of the best movies to enter this series.

“SAW” would be nothing without Tobin Bell (John Kramer) and his performance as this character. His chemistry with Shawnee Smith (Amanda Young) is still as real and heartbreaking as it was more than a decade ago. The “SAW” series is notorious for having convoluted and twisty writing. Despite this, the newest entry felt more concrete and stable. It focuses more on the story of Kramer and Young and lets Bell really explore his character. The pair of Kramer and Amanda Young have one of the best relationships in horror movies, and they still tap into it effortlessly.

“SAW X” also proves itself by being a horror movie by the traps alone. This movie delivers in its effects and gore. For years, the “SAW” films have had worse and worse traps. Nonetheless, this movie does not hold back. The traps are gruesome, inventive and totally squirm-inducing. No other horror franchise has been as daring and against the norm as “SAW” is. Yet, this is why people love it so much and why it has such a strong cult following. The effects bring long time fans back to the classic style of the gritty and harrowing original films.

Finally, the pacing is smooth and knows what to focus on. Although it lacks more of the original choppy and grimy editing that the series is famous for, it still remains true to the original movie's storytelling. Since “SAW VI”, the story and pacing have always been weak points of the movies. They focus too heavily on the convoluted and downright impossible-to-understand story. Moreover, it truly feels like the series is back on its feet and retains its status in the horror hall of fame.

It's about time the “SAW” franchise finally got what it deserves after such a long run.

<Star Rating>

Acting: ★★★★

Effects: ★★★★★

Story: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★


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