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Memories Never Fade

Why It Is More Important to Spend Money on Experiences Rather than Possessions

Photo by Paul Pastourmatzis on Unsplash

Happiness comes in all shapes and forms, and one of those ways is making happy memories and going out to

experience life. Partaking in experiences rather than purchasing possessions can lead to long-lasting memories rather than in-the-moment happiness. Possessions are only short-term whereas memories last forever. Additionally, through experiences, people can also gain new perspectives and pick up new hobbies that they wouldn’t normally encounter and take up. 

“When I go to Colorado, I get to ski and experience nature and its beauty,” senior Mary Clayton Soto said. “Going to Aspen during the winter has changed me to appreciate nature more and it’s different states that aren't found where I live.”

After a while, most items people buy will break or go out of style and become useless to them. Unlike items, memories last much longer and will continue to stay with a person. For example, experiences such as volunteering play a key role in being able to help different people and also opening people’s eyes to new organizations. There are many volunteer opportunities, including helping out at Second Harvest, Humane Society, Manna on Meridian, or even going to a retirement home and talking with the residents and many more organizations. Whatever the organization is, it has brightened someone’s day. A fun fact about volunteering is that research shows that volunteering can lengthen someone's life through the desire for social connections. Memories made by experiences like volunteering can be substantial while spending money on items will not give you the joy and satisfaction that an experience would and can let someone live longer. 

Experiences can help shape a person’s mindset and let them experience new things, while possessions would only temporarily give a person happiness, or endorphins, and then serve no other purpose. The memories a person makes will stick with them forever and maybe even change them in a way a physical object could not. Physical objects are there to have short-term happiness, but experiences leave memories that will last a lifetime. 

Despite those who think experiences offer more than any item could, some people are set on the idea that they must have the newest and best items. While luxury and expensive possessions can be fun at the moment, learning new skills through experiences can teach a person more than spending money on specific things. From traveling to the Tallahassee Museum to do a ropes course, skydiving in Quincy, going to Painting with a Twist or a local pottery class and meeting new people at a local music gig, these adventures stick with us for a much longer duration than any physical object could. Sometimes, a person might walk away with a physical item to act as a reminder of all the unforgettable experiences they had. It's a double win! For example, while some may argue that buying possessions as memorabilia is more useful than the actual experience, the experiences give the possession meaning, not the other way around. Buying a souvenir from the Tallahassee Museum will only induce the memories a person made there, not how much they love the souvenir. 

While the expectation and common argument against experiences is their expense, there are many inexpensive or even free experiences for anyone to enjoy. Furthermore, not all experiences are expensive. For instance, a group of friends or family can go to Bald Point State Park and have a picnic, go swimming and maybe even fishing. People can also go to Cascades Park and Lake Ella and have a picnic while looking at nature and feeding the ducks. Leon Sinks is also a terrific experience because of the beautiful teal water and breathtaking scenery and only costs five dollars per vehicle. Opportunities like these won’t cost you nearly as much as other more extravagant trips and keep memories alive just like any other trip would. 

“The beach is my happy place,” freshman Aubrey Benners said. “So I always get relaxed. It’s always like a reset. The beach makes me a better person because I’m happy when I’m there.”

These two differing perspectives of possessions over experiences and experiences over possessions play key roles in our lives and how we resemble each idea. Whether it’s buying the newest and greatest item or spending money on your favorite pieces of new clothing, spending money on experiences can grant you enduring delight and joy. Memories that you make with friends and family, no matter the place, will last forever, whereas those tangible items won't. 


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