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The Ultimate Gift Guide

15 Gift Inspiration Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Photo by Lore Schodts on Unsplash

As the weather gets colder, more leaves start falling causing hot chocolate and peppermint mochas to become necessities. The holiday season means celebrating with loved ones, spending time with family and friends and receiving and giving gifts. It is always difficult to know what to get everyone for the holidays, so this gift guide presents six gift options that any kid or teen would love.


The Stanley Water Bottles have been very popular in the past year due to their insulated inside and various colors. Since some designs of the Stanley have straws, straw coverings are beneficial to make sure no dirt or bugs get in the straw. These little covers go over the straw and cover the opening which will leave your Stanley Cup looking extra fun and festive.

A keychain is always a sweet gift to give because of its personalized look. The choice of gold, silver or rose gold finish lets any buyer choose what would fit best for whom they are giving it to. When purchasing, simply write a message in the given box and the company will engrave it on the key chain in the specific font you choose. There can also be an additional option to put a certain icon on the keychain, with several unique choices to choose from. With this personalization of this gift, it will surely be a hit this gift-giving season.

Claw Clips are a great way to keep your hair out of your face while doing the dishes, going on a run, getting ready for bed and doing homework. These claw clips keep a strong hold on the hair and are also a fashion statement that goes with any outfit. Claw clips come in various shapes, designs and colors so they can work with any type of hair, style and preference.

This pocket-size tool fits the Christmas spirit perfectly because of its snowflake shape. It is in this shape because each part of the snowflake has different types of smaller tools. This tool has screwdriver ends of different sizes, a box and rope cutter, a bottle opener and many other handy-dandy tools for everyday use. Having 18 different tools in one allows the owner to take this tool with them anywhere and use it in any situation needed. Gifting this tool for this holiday season will easily make this gift the recipient’s most used item.

Fuzzy socks come in multiple colors and designs so anyone can enjoy them throughout the years. Because of their soft material, they are comfortable to wear around the house or out and about. With the colder weather, staying warm is very important to one’s health. With these socks, you can stay extra warm with the fuzzy material. These socks are perfect to wear around the house, staying in and watching a movie and also going out and still being comfy.


Cosmetic Bags are a great way to organize makeup or skincare, as they allow for easy access or moving without any mess. These bags can also be personalized, adding to the cute yet simple design. Customers can choose any initial from A-Z to be placed on the front of the bag in an aesthetic pink and gold patch. These bags are a great way to keep belongings in one place and can act as an easy carry-on item for traveling.

Unique custom wallets allow for a special and personalized gift to be given to someone special. Custom wallets can come in a multitude of color options for personalization. There may also be an option to add a picture to the front of the wallet that the company will engrave into it. Depending on the wallet, buyers can add an initial and name to the back of the wallet. On the inside of the wallet, there can be an option of adding a message to be engraved into it as well. This wallet is an amazing way to show gratitude to the ones you love, with a special and useful twist.

Bracelets are one of the most common choices of jewelry and this bracelet lives up to that standard. This custom jewelry piece has a lot of individuality to it because of the choice of a gold, silver or rose gold finish and the option of what to have on the bracelet. The name in the bracelet is in an elegant cursive to stand out from other bracelets. This dainty bracelet is a very special and meaningful gift because it is unique to the person receiving it as nicknames or inside jokes can be on it.

For the beauty lover in your life or anyone who enjoys smelling good, the Sol de Janeiro set will fulfill their wishes. The Sol de Janeiro Jet sets come in three different scents: Bum Bum, Bom Dia Bright and Beija Flor. The sets contain a travel-size perfume, body wash and body cream. The perfumes act as not only a body spray but also a hair spray. They have a beachy aroma but work for everyday use. The body wash hydrates the skin while also cleaning it and leaves the skin clean and smelling good. The body cream is a smooth lotion that leaves a radiant finish on the skin while also acting as a moisturizer. These sets let the gift recipients explore three of their bestsellers while also smelling and looking beautiful.

This Ball Cap is a great addition to any outfit out there. It comes in various colors and has an adjustable strap on the back. Its breathable material is perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a day on the golf course, a day out shopping or even a day at the house, this hat is the way to go.


While the price can fluctuate based on size, weighted blankets have become a popular item in households over the past couple of years. They can vary from two pounds to 50 pounds and come in various colors, designs and materials. Weighted blankets give a sense of security to their users because of the weight being on them. Especially with the cold weather approaching, these weighted blankets can help with staying warm and are a perfect gift this season.

Hey Dudes have been a part of fashion trends for decades, but have never gone out of style. Their comfy yet stylish look allows them to go with any outfit. They have elastic laces so you’ll never have to tie your shoes and can slip them on quickly when in a rush. These shoes are also lightweight and have outstanding support that makes them perfect for any occasion.

These Kendra Scott necklaces are a perfect gift for the holidays because of their beautiful gems. The necklaces come in gold, silver and rose gold with different colored pendants. There are many different styles of necklaces including the beautiful Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace, Ari Heart Gold Pendant Necklace and the Letter A-Z Pendant Necklace. These are only some of the elegant jewelry pieces that Kendra Scott sells that make an amazing gift.

Having a good-sized bag is a great way to store belongings while traveling or walking around town. This bag has a “puffer” look to it that adds to the aesthetic design. It consists of comfy shoulder straps and hand-held straps which makes it very versatile. Inside the bag, there are little zipper compartments to hold pens, chapstick, a phone charger and more. This bag adds a cute add-on to any outfit and is a great gift for the holidays.

Enewton Bracelets have been a popular fashion trend for the past couple of years. They are known for their beautiful gold and silver finish that has a radiant shine to them. Some designs have beautiful, colorful beading to enhance their uniqueness. These non-tarnish bracelets come in different designs to fit anyone’s liking. There are many different types of these bracelets including their Hope Unwritten bracelets, beaded bracelets, Signature Cross collection and so many more delightful bracelets.


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