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What Makes the World Go Around?

People Need to Recycle More 

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The climate’s temperature is rising while sea life and coral reefs are dying. Plastics and polluted air are killing animals, impacting natural resources and depleting fresh air. There are numerous issues with pollution, and if people continue to destroy habitats and not recycle, the environment will rapidly decline. 

The air has been polluted for years due to noxious gasses from cars and factories. Scientists have noticed a big change in the environment as a result of pollution. Due to climate change, soil has become drier, which has been affecting the growth of crops in farming. As well as affecting plants, climate change is also impacting animals and people who live near factories. People have sensed a change in the climate and its consequences in their day to day health. Many companies such as Tesla are initiating a change by creating electric-power-based cars rather than combustion technologies. Still, the environmental damage from factories diminish these efforts. Factories that take care of the trash usually burn the trash, which creates more pollution to the environment. By simply putting a plastic bottle in the recycling bin, it can really help the environment.

When one does not recycle, it creates a harsh environment for humans, animals and plants, which results in an even harder time for underwater animals. If people put plastic in the trash, it will likely go into the water. Many marine biologists have noticed dying coral reefs because of how much plastic is found in the water. It has been estimated that about 14% of coral reefs have died due to pollution. As well as killing reefs, plastic waste is killing homes for animals. When the coral reefs die, so do all the animals living in them. Furthermore, when the plastic polluting the reefs are consumed by animals, it will choke the living creatures. A prime example is found with turtles, discovered in late 2019 and early 2020, which were suffocated due to plastic straws blocking their nostrils. Plastic in the ocean has also affected fish, seabirds and whales, which all assume that a plastic bag is some kind of food when they see it. Many people have tried switching to reusable water bottles and straws but not enough to make a damage-reversing impact yet. By recycling the bottles and straws, people would not have to spend money or reusable ones.

People also conserve energy by recycling which can save home owners’ money as well as the planet. A variety of materials recycled can be used as a source of energy to power homes and cars, such as glass and plastic. Last year in California, 522,000 homes were powered on recycled bottles. By recycling, people enhance sources of power to many places that do not have as much. By using bottles and plastic to power homes, people not only decrease the pollution created by plastic but also conserves natural resources. Therefore, by using recyclable products, people can sustainably power their homes. 

Yes, recycling is very tedious and if done incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good. If the goods aren’t recycled correctly, then workers who handle the waste can face health risks from the long exposure to pollution. This is due to the fact that materials, especially plastic, can contaminate the air and water surrounding the recycling centers. There are guidelines to recycling that make it easy to determine what can and can not be recycled. For example, it is easy to just look at the can or bottle to see the signs that tell people if it is recyclable or not. Making sure recycling is done right is crucial to reaping the benefits of recycling. 

There are many reasons to recycle, but the most important is to protect our planet Earth. Even when people recycle, there are still a lot more that need to be done. When people give to charity, they should try to find organizations that recycle products into pencils and notebooks for kids in need. Even if an individual does not want to donate, there are easier voluntary actions to help clean up the environment, such as collecting trash and plastic found on beaches. However, a very first step for everyone is to look at a bottle in their hands and make every effort to recycle it. People can make the world a better place one bottle at a time.


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