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Mission Statement

Maclay Andalusian is a student-led newspaper at Maclay School in Tallahassee, Florida that focuses on providing truthful and credible content to its readers. The Andalusian staff writes to inform, to educate, to entertain and to provide multiple viewpoints for the Maclay students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents. As a scholastic publication, The Andalusian’s goal is to write content that presents Maclay in a positive light but also a fair, honest and accurate viewpoint.


If there is a concern regarding the veracity of published content, please refer to the “Contact Us” page under “About” and complete the form. An Editor-in-Chief will respond as soon as possible and work closely with you to ensure the integrity of the paper and its content.

Student Body

Our goal as a publication is to create content that appeals to the student body and provide them information on topics important and relevant to the entire Maclay community. While we feel it is necessary to comment on larger topics going on in the world, we also aim not to stray away from the happenings of our own campus.


In order to maintain a connection to the Maclay community and readers, we allow the opportunity for those reading to leave comments on articles. We welcome feedback on our work, as our publication is full of growing writers that constantly aim to improve and learn from their mistakes. All comments will be approved by an Editor-In-Chief or the adviser before being posted on the site to avoid hate speech or spam commenting.


The Andalusian seeks to be held to a high standard of work and to publish content that is correct in the information presented. Please refer to the paragraphs below for steps to contact us regarding errors within published content.

Factual Errors

All articles go through a rigorous editing process that consists of three rounds of editing and a final approval before any article is published on the website. Still, we acknowledge the possibility for errors to be missed in the editing process and want to be held accountable for any errors within our work. For any complaints about factual errors, please refer to our “Contact Us” page on our website to fill out a form so that an Editor-In-Chief can get back to you shortly. Additionally, any complaints regarding factual errors can be sent to Upon receiving complaints, the Andalusian will take appropriate actions and resolve any possible issues. 



Interviews are an essential part of the newspaper process, and we feel that many articles are not complete without quotes from the student body or Maclay faculty. However, we never want to incorrectly relay information from those we interview. Therefore, if you or someone you know has been misquoted in an article from the Andalusian, please take the same steps to contact us as for factual errors.



The views and opinions expressed on this website neither reflect those of Maclay School including its faculty and staff nor represent members of the entire publication. 


Editorial Board

Articles published as an editorial reflect the opinions of the entire Andalusian staff. Each editorial is approved by the standing editorial board and must receive a majority vote before it can be published as reflecting the views of the publication. The 23-24 Editorial Board consists of Print Editor-In-Chief Leah Kiros, Online Editor-in-Chief Zach Lowe, Co-Heead Editors Julia Luck andSara Mnookin, Managing Editor Vine Butler, Copy Editors Leah Song, Payton Bundy, Laura Zaidan, Maggie Murray, Anna Grace Proctor, Mary Kate Kise, Assistant Sports Editors Brooke Nohle and Andrew Berenson and Business Manager Jaclyn Summers.

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