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24 Hours of Fun

Day Trips in Tallahassee

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Ever wonder what to do in your downtime? Well, Tallahassee has so many great things to offer to keep you busy. All of these activities are fun, beautiful and take time. Anyone can take these day trips with friends or alone, so let’s begin the fun today!

Maclay Gardens 

For every one that goes to Maclay or lives near it, Maclay Gardens is a perfect place to take pictures or just walk around. When entering the garden, guests must pay $2 to get in. Once in, guests have two options, either go to the lake or the garden. The lake has a dock and is great for picnics. On the other hand, the garden has many places to walk around and enjoy the beautiful view. Many historical things such as the first ever Maclay house which attracts most of the guests. This is also a great place to hold events and take pictures. Many Maclay students take pictures for dances or for senior pictures. Most people know about this place and love it but if you have not been there you will be amazed by the history and the views.

Bradley Country Store 

For people who live a little further out, Bradley Country Store is an amazing place to visit. Although for people who do not live close to it and have to drive 30 minutes to get there, each minute is worth it. When entering the store, to the left is tons of candy from all different decades and to the right are all the soda flavors imaginable. In the middle of the store is a gift shop with all kinds of items for all kinds of people. Finally, in the back of the store is a meat shop where the famous Bradley Country Store Sausages are made. Many people go to the store, get food, go outside and talk. It is a perfect place for people who just want to relax and enjoy the countryside. 

Cascades Park 

Moving to the middle of Tallahassee is Cascade Park. Cascade Park is perfect when wanting to go downtown and do some shopping. Many people come to this park to take gorgeous pictures, go on picnic dates with friends and go to amazing concerts. In the middle of the park there's a pond and every place around the area has a beautiful view of it. The busiest the park will be is during the concerts that are held there. Celebrities from all over come down to the park and perform, this is one of the main attractions. Even when the park is not holding a concert there are multiple things that anyone can do. Some good restaurants to stop by are The Edison, The PowerPlant Cafe and Ms. Dee’s Kitchen. So if you're ever wanting to enjoy your time outside go to Cascade Park.

Miccosukee Greenway Trail 

See the best parts of the world during the Miccosukee Greenway Trail. This is a series of trails that show just how beautiful nature is. It is a bit of a drive, about a 20 minute drive away from Maclay but is worth the drive. Once there you can see all kinds of different animals and plants that are beautiful. Here anyone can walk around by themselves or with people and enjoy nature. It is right near the Tallahassee Museum so when done with the trail you can enjoy history as well.  The trails are long  and can take a few hours to walk though the whole thing. It can take a bit of time so be prepared before going. If anyone has a day off and it is a beautiful day outside go and enjoy what mother earth has to offer. 

Railroad square 

For someone who is looking to go where they might find a lot of people, railroad square is that place. In railroad square there are a ton of shops ranging from a cat book store to a palm reading store. Railroad Square also holds an event called First Friday where people from  all over Tallahassee come together and shop around the area. This place is perfect if someone needs new clothes or really anything and wants to meet new people. Next time you have a day to yourself go downtown to railroad square for some fun. 

Tallahassee has so much to offer to all kinds of people. On a day off go experience nature, shop around town and meet new people. If you're looking for things to do, look at the list and pick one. All of these things take up a full day for fun. Be ready to try new things and do not be scared to explore everything that Tallahassee has to offer. Enjoy what the capital has to offer.


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