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A Blast From the Past

Maclay Hosts Its Annual Grandparents Day

Photo by Blair Bayliss/Maclay Andalusian

For over 20 years, Maclay's annual Grandparents Day has been a highlight throughout campus. On Friday, Feb 23 Maclay hosted students' grandparents from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. This day allows each student to bring their grandparents on campus and show them around campus. In 2023, Maclay turned Grandparents Day into a one-school event because of how big of a hit it was throughout the school. The theme of this year's Grandparents Day is “50s Drive-In”, to bring back memories from the grandparent’s younger years. 

“Grandparents Day is just another way to connect with the part of our community that is not necessarily here a lot,” Director of Marketing and Enrollment Strategies Kim McWilliams said. 

This memorable day is something the grandparents and grandchildren will remember for the rest of their lives. They get to spend quality time with each other while also getting a glimpse of how special Maclay is. 

“I am excited to bring my grandpa to my school and show him where I spend my time learning, and I am excited to have breakfast with him,” junior Grace Stalter said. 

Grandparents Day began at 8 a.m. for the middle and upper school, where students and grandparents can enjoy breakfast in the Webster Center. Then, each grandparent got the chance to tour Maclay’s campus led by their grandchild or one of the student ambassadors. Throughout the day, each grade in the lower school will perform a musical for their grandparents. After each grade performs, students will get the chance to explore the car show at Beck Innovation Center with their grandparents. 

“I decided to bring my grandparents because I don’t get to see them often, so this is a perfect time to catch up and show them around campus,” sophomore Abbie Schaffer said.

Not only does Grandparents Day allow the grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren, but it also is a remarkable way for them to see what school is like in 2024. Most of the grandparents were in school decades ago, so there is a drastic difference in how schools function now. Through Grandparents Day, grandparents get to see how much school has changed since they were students. 

“There's been so many changes on campus and we wanted to give our grandparents an opportunity to see some of those changes,” McWilliams said. 

Grandparents Day is a great way for students to show their grandparents what school is like in 2024, how much it has changed throughout the years and most importantly, each grandchild gets to spend the day with their beloved grandparents.


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