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A File That Should Be Closed

Review of "Files of the Unexplained"

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

The unsolved and unknown “Files of the Unexplained.” This TV show consists of eight episodes with different stories behind each one. In each episode, there are live people who tell their story of something that seemed supernatural and unexplained that happened in their life. Although this show came out recently on Netflix, it did not surpass the standards of viewers. The acting felt forced. The scare factor of the show was non-existent and the plot of each episode continuously got worse throughout the series.

The actors in the show were real people who were telling their story but the people did not explain their story enough. In multiple parts of the film, the people are mumbling making it hard to hear them, or eerie music in the background is playing too loud making it impossible for the viewers to listen. If watching the show, use subtitles to make it easier to understand everything. Along with the audience not hearing what the actors are saying it is also visible that the people do not want to be there. Many of the actors look exhausted or bored. When performing in a scene the people were overdramatic and truly looked forced to be there. Along with the acting, the props on set look extremely unrealistic making it ever hard for the audience to be intrigued with the show. Overall the acting and props made this TV show go downhill.  

When viewers see the title of the show and the head cover of it, the audience will automatically think it's scary. Going into the TV show, viewers expect jumpscares, frightening stories and chilling characters very early in the show; the audience reveals that none of that is happening. Many of the stories are unrealistic or have reasoning behind why their phenomenon is happening. Even during a jumpscare, it is very predictable and the acting makes it not scary. The audience is instantly disappointed with the scare factor of this TV show due to it being categorized in the horror section of Netflix but is not scary at all. The TV show has a lot of build-up but little to no execution. 

The plot of each story was horrific. Each episode proceeded to become more unrealistic and had no climax. The whole show was someone sitting in a room telling a story with some snippets of pictures and made-up scenes. Throughout an entire hour-long episode, the audience is waiting for something to happen or a plot twist to their stories, but there is none. All the stories are the same, but just coming from different people and there is no part where the audience is surprised with what happened. To make the plot better, the TV show should have more diversity in the stories that they decide to make a show about. 

This TV show is overall an underwhelming series. It drags on each story and does nothing to intrigue the viewers. Little jumpscares as well as good acting and no plot attracted to each story. If you decide to watch this show, lower your standards before watching.


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