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A Gift From the Heart: Boys Edition

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone You Love: For the Boys

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It is a common consensus that boys can be exceptionally difficult to shop for. Without the obvious option of flowers and jewelry it can be hard to decide a gift that fits the occasion. This gift guide provides the best gift giving ideas that will make your boyfriend feel super special and loved this Valentine’s Day. No matter what your boyfriend loves, this gift guide will help you pick a gift that is sentimental or simple.

Sentimental Gifts

Shopping for boys can be a difficult task since they don’t receive the traditional flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day. However, it is still important to make your boyfriend feel loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day. The best gift to give your boyfriend is something sentimental or specific to the both of you. For example, creating a photo album or scrapbook that includes all your favorite memories is a great and special option. Additionally, buying your boyfriend an experience that is special to the both of you such as concert or sports game tickets is another appreciable gift. Even buying a collection of gift cards to all his favorite places and writing little notes on each one can become a sweet and sentimental gift if done well. Any other small gestures you can think of that are specific to your relationship are the best thing to give your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. 


Another great gift for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day is shoes. Shoes provide a variety of styles that will help your boyfriend express his style. You can buy shoes that are more specific to your boyfriend's style, or you can find more generic shoes that most boys would love. UGG slippers and sneakers are great examples of generic shoes that your boyfriend is likely to love and wear consistently. UGG slippers are a comfy style that your boyfriend can wear to school, around the house or anywhere else he wants to stay comfy and warm. There are a variety of sneaker styles that you can find for your Valentine’s Day gift that your boyfriend will wear often. On Clouds, Nike, and Adidas are all great websites where you can find both generic and colorful options that will pair well with your boyfriend's style. 


Clothes are another Valentine’s Day gift option for your boyfriend. Most boys don’t enjoy shopping so buying them clothes will save them from having to shop. Gifting clothes is also the perfect opportunity to add to or start  your boyfriend's collection of sweats, t-shirts, polos, pants and more. Lululemon, Nike and Abercrombie have quality clothing and loungewear that will look great while remaining comfortable. Additionally, Peter Millar and Vineyard Vines have the best polos, half zips and other tops for dressier occasions and golf dates. There is a variety of colors and styles to choose from allowing you to gift the one you think your boyfriend will love. If your boyfriend loves hunting, you can buy him new hunting clothes that he will greatly appreciate. Websites like Sitka and Kryptek sell good quality hunting gear that your boyfriend is sure to love and use. Finally, you can never go wrong with a comfortable sports hoodie with his favorite team.

Keychains or Wallet

Gifting your boyfriend a new keychain or wallet can be exactly what he needs. Lots of guys don’t have a good keychain or wallet and won’t take the initiative to buy one. This makes gifting one of these items the best option because it's something he most likely won’t buy for himself. You could even buy a matching keychain and wallet together. Many websites allow you to personalize the wallet or keychain making it an even more meaningful gift. Keychains and wallets can be inexpensive gifts, or you can splurge and buy a costly one. Websites like Leatherology sell wallets and keychains that are budget friendly, good quality and can be personalized. Smathers and Branson sell colorful and fun keychains with unique designs, some even including sports teams. 

Skincare and Toiletry Bags

Buying skincare paired with a toiletry bag can be a great gift for your boyfriend if done well. Gifting skincare needs to be done to a boyfriend you have been dating for a while and know very well, otherwise it could be considered insulting. Most boys barely wash their face in the morning, so gifting a small skincare routine will help keep his skin looking clean and fresh. Buying a nice face wash paired with a good moisturizer and sunscreen is all a boy needs to have healthy skin for life. Putting his new skincare routine into a brand new toiletry bag is the perfect gift. Leatherology sells quality leather bags that can be personalized and include multiple sections and compartments. Most boys don’t pay much attention to buying themselves nice toiletry bags which makes this such an ideal  gift idea. 

This Valentine’s Day gift guide includes a variety of gift ideas that will help you show your love and appreciation towards your boyfriend. Whatever budget range you are in, this gift guide includes a variety of gifts of all prices that will make him feel super special. With these gifts, your boyfriend will feel super appreciated and know just how much you love him. After everything he does for you between paying for meals and driving you around, these gifts will let him know how much you love him.


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