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A Gift From the Heart (Girls Edition)

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone You Love: For the Girls

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, sometimes it can be stressful to pick the perfect gift for your favorite girl. Some people don’t do big gifts for Valentine’s Day, but this gift guide will give both expensive and inexpensive gifts to treat your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Buying gifts for girls can be complicated and overwhelming but this guide will give you everything you need to know about buying the best and most thoughtful gift. 

Buy For Girls:

Flowers and Chocolate

Getting your girlfriend flowers and chocolate is arguably the most important Valentine’s Day gift. No matter your Valentine’s Day gift budget, you MUST include flowers and chocolate to the gift. If you don’t want to splurge on a pricey gift for your girlfriend, buying her a beautiful bouquet and her favorite chocolates can be a sweet and budget friendly option. Grocery stores have beautiful pre-made bouquets that are ready to be gifted or if you’re willing to put in the extra effort you can buy all her favorite flowers and put together a bouquet yourself. Whole Foods will put together whatever collection of flowers you pick out into a beautiful bouquet for free. Don’t forget to wrap the flowers in brown paper and tie it off with a little bow as a finishing touch. Add a sweet card or note to the gift to make it more personal and she will love it. If you have a higher budget this Valentine’s Day, include flowers and chocolate to whatever else you decide to buy for her. 

Stuffed Animals or Blankets

Including a super cute and fluffy stuffed animal or blanket to your girlfriends Valentine’s Day gift can be the perfect addition. Target sells the cutest fluffy Valentine’s Day themed blankets, or you could order a soft and fluffy personalized blanket. Either way, a soft blanket to add to your girlfriend's bedroom can be the cutest gift. A cute fluffy stuffed animal can also be the perfect gift to add. A classic teddy bear can pair well with the classic Valentine’s Day gift, or you could pick out her favorite animal to make it more personal. The Jellycat brand sells the cutest Valentine’s Day themed stuffed animals that are the best inclusion to your girlfriend’s gift. You can order them from the website, or the local Bedfellows Tallahassee store has a great selection to choose from. 


Whether or not she is a gold or silver girl, every girl loves a pretty piece of jewelry to add to her collection. For Valentine's day, it's best to buy jewelry that is meaningful. This will take the gift to the next level and allow it to be something she will cherish forever. Some great options include jewelry with hearts, “love knot” earrings or a necklace or even a stunning locket with a photo of the two of you inside. Additionally, adding an engraving to a simple necklace or bracelet can make it much more meaningful and personal. EVRY Jewels, Enewton and Kate Spade are a few websites that offer lovely jewelry that is budget friendly. If you’re looking to spend a bit more on the one you love, a nice real gold or silver piece can be exactly what you’re looking for. Tiffany & Co, David Yurman and Cartier are a few stores that offer well known, beautiful pieces for a much higher price range. Plenty of websites offer both expensive and inexpensive jewelry. For example, on websites like Kendra Scott, Gorjana and Oak and Luna, you can find jewelry for the price you’re looking for. 


Buying clothing for your girlfriend can be a great gift if done right. It is not suggested to buy clothes for her if you haven’t been together for a while. To purchase the right clothes you have to know her and her style very well. If you have clothes in mind for this Valentine’s Day, buying something she has mentioned before or from a brand you know she loves is advised. If you can’t remember any of her favorite stores, a good place to start is brands like Lululemon or Skims that sell good quality basics that majority of girls love. The loungewear from both of these stores is top tier and she will not be disappointed. Aviator Nation is another popular brand that sells different styles of bright sweats that may be exactly what your girlfriend wants. Of course, if you know her style very well you can look at Revolve or Aritzia for cute dresses and tops or even other styles of loungewear you know she would love. 

Makeup and Makeup Bag

Another great gift idea for your girlfriend is a few makeup products paired with an adorable makeup bag. If you know her makeup routine by heart you can replenish any of the current products she uses on the regular. However, if you don’t pay attention to anything makeup related, buying her a popular lip product or makeup gift set would be something she will love. At Sephora or other makeup stores, many brands sell a “gift set” with some of their most popular products. For example, the Dior Lip Set along with any of the Charlotte Tilbury sets are great gifts. Any of the more generic makeup sets are the perfect gift for your girlfriend. If you girl is really into lip balms, be sure to add the Rhode Lip Trio or the Summer Fridays lip treatment to your shopping cart. Don’t forget to  add a cute makeup bag to complete this gift and make it a bit more personal. Websites like Amazon, Etsy and Stoney Clover all provide cute makeup bags that your girl will love. 

This gift guide provides a variety of options from flowers to jewelry that will help decide the most ideal gift for your girlfriend. With whatever price range you’re working with, the romantic gift giving effort won’t go unnoticed with any of the gifts from this list. From sweet classic gifts to the special treasures she will cherish forever, this gift guide has it all to show your love this Valentine’s Day.


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