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A Super Comeback

“The Thundermans Return” Review

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People under the age of 20 and parents with young children all know “The Thundermans” as Nickelodeon’s 2013 big hit casting Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo as superhero twins, Phoebe and Max Thunderman. This classic exemplifies the Thundermans’s double life as undercover superheroes, while also trying to live a normal teenage life. The major point of the show is to show how pivotal teenage-related activities, like prom and having normal human connections, help shape these young adults; something the twins did not get to experience.

On Mar. 7, Nickelodeon shared a long-awaited return of this hit show, "The Thundermans Return.” Although this return targets a younger audience, older fans can relive the nostalgia of this childhood classic. In terms of the cinematography and plot, this continues to get the same love the original show did. However, the acting needs improvement as it seems childlike, but it still contains the chemistry between each actor and the love that comes along with that.

A major feature of the movie that grabbed the viewers' attention was the intriguing plot. With the previous knowledge from the original show, there was a lot this movie needed to live up to between the unexpected plot twists and the classic teenage drama. This movie did exactly that. There were multiple plot twists and since Phoebe and Max’s siblings, Billy and Nora, played by Diego Velazquez and Addison Riecke, can finally get involved in the high school experience.

Between telekinesis to super speed to laser eyes, the special effects in this movie were out of this world. With the Thundermans all having unique powers, many efforts were needed to go into making these powers look real. One of the most impressive aspects of this movie is how well the cinematography crew lived up to the standard. Just like the original “The Thundermans,” these special effects look as if they were a real part of the Thunderman family. The amount of work that goes into making these effects is incredible, and one of the most impressive parts of the new movie.

Even though there are many positive aspects of this sequel, the acting could improve in certain scenes. Throughout the movie, there was childlike acting that consisted of many corny jokes. For the younger audience, this movie is perfect for them, but for the older fans, it could come across as a bit cringy. Other than that, there were many scenes with superior chemistry between the actors. This loving aspect brought back the love from the original show. Many of the same characters and jokes appeared in this movie which helped viewers relive this childhood classic.

Overall, Nickelodeon's “The Thundermans Return” was a fantastic release that will continue to grow in popularity throughout the younger generations. Even though this movie is geared toward younger children, it gives original fans the chance to look back at their childhood through one of their favorite shows. Between the cinematography and plot, this movie has become very popular amongst its fans, despite the mediocre acting that is displayed in the movie. The original show will continue to be in viewers' hearts, but the new return brings the Thundermans on new journeys through life that will test them on their core values.

<Star Rating>

Plot: ★★★★★

Acting: ★★★★

Cinematography: ★★★★★


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