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Apple Music Is the Way To Go

Why Apple Music Is Better Than Spotify

Photo by Sumudu Mohottige on Unsplash

Apple Music has been arguably superior to all other music streaming services for years now. Apple Music launched on June 30, 2015, and for the first three months, users were offered a free trial to test out the new program. Since then, the platform has only grown more popular. The streaming platform is estimated to have about 108 million premium users worldwide and the number of users is expected to grow 24% by 2025. More than 33 million people in the United States use Apple Music, but recently  Spotify has been a close competitor with Apple Music. However; Apple Music still takes the cake with its high sound quality, content, recommendations and its included music videos. 

Apple Music uses the highest standards of audio quality to give its users the absolute best sounding music they can. According to Apple Support, Apple developed its own advanced auto codec (AAC), which delivers audio that’s indistinguishable from the original studio record. Most audio recordings transferred can lose some data or quality compared to the original source file, so Apple introduced Apple digital masters to make sure subscribers were getting the highest quality of sound possible.Apple Music also allows people to take off this feature if they prefer the original sound untouched. 

In addition to its great audio quality, Apple Music has over 60 million songs, a variety of artists, genres and much more. As said in Sound Guys, Apple Music has also made  exclusive deals in the past with artists like Taylor Swift for early content as part of a three-month membership. Along with extra content, the platform also offers different on-demand radio shows. Not only does the streaming service have radio shows but also music videos for many artists  such as Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo and Harry Styles. The “for you page” on apple music also offers an abundance of recommendations for songs, artists and playlists based on your likes. 

Many people would argue that with Apple Music you cannot queue as many songs as you can on Spotify. According to Techano, you can queue up to 80 songs on Spotify; because of this, some argue Spotify is the better option. However, even though Apple Music may not be able to queue as many songs, this one downside is overshadowed by the many amenities Apple Music offers overall, such as the sound quality and variety of music.

Overall Apple Music offers better-quality sound and tons of content recommendations. Spotify may have  the option to queue more songs but for the amount of money you pay you are getting more from Apple Music. When looking for a music streaming service to subscribe to,  Apple Music is definitely the way to go.


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