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Bronze Without the Burn

The Pros of Fake Tanning 

Photo by Jack Delulio on Unsplash

As the temperatures begin to drop and the sunkissed glow of summer on one’s skin begins to fade, many have turned to fake tanning as an option to bring back their summer glow. Self tanning, spray tanning and fake tanning all refer to the same idea of tanning without the sun. Most fake tans include an active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that combines with the skin's amino acid resulting in a bronzed/brown color on the outermost layer of the skin. Many benefits come from fake tanning, such as the skin not being exposed to harmful UV rays and instant results unlike natural tanning. If used correctly fake tan can give the perfect natural bronzed glow. Companies and producers of fake tan offer an abundance of shades and undertones so one can get the perfect saturation for their skin. However, it is important that consumers do thorough research and education before buying or experimenting with fake tan because too dark of a shade may be seen as offensive to other races or cultures.

When laying out in the sun, especially for the duration of time it takes to get a tan, people get exposed to harmful UV rays. These rays which come from the sun and tanning bed cause damage to the skin. Fake tanning allows for the same results to be achieved without the risk of skin cancer, sunburn and aging. The DHA in the tanner reacts to the top layer of skin producing a temporary color—this safer alternative to tanning results in a natural and beautiful tan.

Another benefit of fake tanning is instant results. Companies such as Loving Tan, St. Tropez and Bondi Sands offer two-hour express tans that only need to sit on the skin for a minimum of two hours or more. With an express tan, you can shower a lot sooner as well without being stuck in a sticky fake tan all day. These tans are created using a higher level of DHA to give a more bronzed look faster than a typical tan.

Most brands offer multiple shades of tan like light, medium, dark and ultra-dark for different skin tones. For example, someone with a medium olive skin tone would be recommended to use an ultra-dark tan. Not only is choosing the correct shade of tan important but also the undertone. For instance, people with more pink and red skin tones should choose a tan with a green undertone to better neutralize color. Choosing the correct color of fake tan will help neutralize skin tone, creating the best possible natural-looking tan.

Overall, fake tan is a great and efficient way to get a natural bronzed glow without sun damage. Adding a little color and bringing back your summer glow will boost your confidence. With the right fake tan amazing and quick results can be achieved.


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