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Cases Are Increasing

COVID-19 Returns to Maclay

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Sitting in bed, tissues everywhere, an ice pack on the head, tons of blankets keeping away the chills and a 100.4º F fever; COVID-19 is no fun. COVID has been infecting people all around the world since 2019, and the United States since 2020. COVID can be deadly and infects each patient differently and amongst all age groups. In the past year or so, the cases of COVID had decreased to such a small amount that it was declared that the pandemic had ended. However, cases have recently increased since the CDC’s declaration. Here at Maclay, there have been multiple cases of COVID. Students have been at home dealing with COVID’s dreadful symptoms.

“I felt terrible; I had cold-like symptoms,” junior Riley Robinton said. “I had a cough, runny nose, headache and I felt super tired.”

The reason for the increase in cases is unknown, but a number of factors could be the cause. Some of these factors are frequent travel, school restarting and lack of COVID precautions.  Not only have students been sick, but have also been missing their classes because of this disease. At Maclay, the faculty and staff go to the measure to post all of the material on Schoology for students who are sick at home so they still have the ability to do their work.

“But if there are students who are sick, we have procedures in place where we help students to get back acclimated to school,” Head of Upper School Chares Beamer said. “So those students will work with Mrs. Croston, our Academic Dean. We also have, in some cases, where students through Schoology can still have access to lectures or be able to meet with teachers through teams.”

Teachers being able to post the work needed on Schoology, the school’s assignment platform, is a tremendous plus to those who are missing class. Instead of coming back to school and having no idea what is going on, students can stay up to date on class material while they are sick.

“Most of my teachers have everything that goes on in class on Schoology so that was very helpful for knowing what work I needed to do while I was out,” junior Lily Stejskal said. “My teachers have been pretty understanding so far, and have helped me catch up as quickly as possible.”

Even though doing work while sick can be difficult, teachers at Maclay understand some students are too ill and cannot get their work done timely. When students feel better and are able to come back to school, they should know what they missed by checking their Schoology and emails every day and talk to their teachers to figure out a plan to get their work done.

Teachers, faculty and staff hope to see a decrease in these COVID cases so students can come back healthy and ready to learn.


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