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Cheer up!

Gallery: Cheer Practice

FLIPPIN’ OUT - Maclay's varsity cheer team is excited for the rivalry game against Brookwood on Friday. The team perfects all of their stunts which they will perform in front of a big crowd.

MISTAKES HAPPEN - With practice comes mistakes. The cheer team practices relentlessly to smooth out any mistakes before performing at events, to ensure a clean performance. The team has each other's backs, though, ready to catch each other if anyone falls.

STANDING PROUD - After hours of practice, the varsity cheer team is proud when they nail a stunt. They will ride this confidence to the upcoming game against Brookwood, where they will perform their flawless stunts.

STAYING FOCUSED - Even as senior co-captain Copeland Frazee hits her stunt, she still makes sure to not get ahead of herself.

"We have to make sure we focus on the end goal," Frazee said. "If we aren't thinking about the end goal, we won't get anything done.

BE PREPARED - The varsity cheer team is preparing for the stunt ahead, making sure that everyone is prepared and ready. Moving as a group is the key to having a clean and safe stunt.

KEEP YOUR MIND RIGHT - Maclay varsity cheer coach Erika Snow gives a motivating speech for the team to ensure a successful. By doing so, she amps them up, prepping them to dominate the field with their stunts.

KEEPING SPIRITS HIGH - Frazee smiles as she and her team nails a stunt. They are proud to know that they will be able to perform this difficult stunt at the football game on Friday.

KEEP HOLDING ON - The cheer team practices a difficult stunt, which requires concentration and strength.

"It's really important to stay focused on what we're doing," senior co-captain Ava Duke said. "It can be distracting and we can get off track if we're not paying attention."

GAME TIME - As the cheerleaders lead the student section, they elp Skeep the energy needed to cheer for players on the field.

"It definitely helps to be engaged with the game," Frazee said. "When the fans get excited, it helps us stay focused to do what we need to do."

ALL SMILES HERE - The Maclay varsity cheer team poses with Rowdy Rauder after giving an incredible performance at the pep rally. They will use this energy and confidence to fuel them for the football game later that evening.

Photos by Blair Bayliss/Maclay Andalusion


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