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Cool, Calm and Collected

Gallery: Maclay Varsity Basketball Team Against Rickards

Cool, Calm and Collected - Senior Jalen Crawford stays calm to make a quality pass to his teammates as he scans the court for an open space. Keeping a calm headspace is vital in fast-paced games.

Fight For It - The Marauders fight for the ball against the Raiders. The team defends their basket to try to get a lead against Rickards.

Keep Moving - Crawford dribbles down the court on his way to make a basket. He takes no time to stop and let the opponent steal the ball.

Like a Flash - Junior Nash Beshears is quick up and down the court.

It is important to be quick on the court,” Beshears said. “You must react fast and keep playing.”

Slam Dunk - Crawford makes a last minute layup against the Rickards Raiders seconds before halftime. The intensity in the gym is palpable as both teams gear up for the second half.

Swish - Beshears makes his free throw to tie the Marauders and the Raiders at the end of the first quarter. The crowd goes wild with excitement.

Think Fast - Crawford passes the ball to Junior Keller Bridges, who swiftly dribbles past the defenders and sinks a three-pointer.

“You need to have a quick mindset when you're playing,” Crawford said. “You must also be poised and not rushed at the same time, having a calm mindset.”

Timber - Beshears takes a fall after shooting the ball. He sacrifices his body to save possession for his team.

Photos by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian


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