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Top Three Best Childhood Minecraft YouTubers

Photo by Nina Rivas on Unplash

Minecraft, the popular video game where players use blocks to build, explore and create was released in 2009 and was prominent in the YouTube entertainment industry during the 2010s. The rise of the game created an opportunity for Minecraft videos, where the players would narrate to the audience while they played the game, which became a big part of many people's childhoods. Minecraft YouTubers were super popular at this time since a huge demographic of children loved to watch them and play along. Many Minecraft YouTubers received millions of views and had a huge influence on children's entertainment. The most memorable of Minecraft YouTubers include Stampylonghead, DanTDM and PopularMMO’s. These YouTubers all had creative approaches to the game and made their videos intriguing and entertaining through storytelling and innovative content.


Joseph Garret, better known by his YouTube name Stampy, is arguably the most memorable Minecraft YouTuber. Stampy’s comforting and entertaining videos have reached eight billion views, and he's gained 10 million subscribers.  Each video followed Stampy and his friends on his Minecraft server, titled,  “Stampy's Lovely World.” Viewers and subscribers were able to interact with Stampy through his “love garden” server, where he designated a place for each of his subscribers and included their names in the garden during the videos. His server included creative houses, innovative buildings, games and even a submarine and spaceship. Each video incorporated a story, with recurring characters and antagonists. “Stampy's Lovely World” became such a memorable server, that the Minecraft game added a map where players could go play on a replicated server of his world. His content was so popular that videos about his Minecraft world ran for 11 years.

“Dan TDM was definitely my favorite, but Stampy was also awesome,” junior Sebastian Aleksander said. “His final goodbye video almost made me cry.” 

Dan TDM 

Daniel Middleton or Dan TDM is a British YouTuber and gamer. In his Minecraft videos, he narrated the origins of his server, which includes how he met his partner, Dr. Trayaurus, who was a fictional character, and how they came to build a lab on their server. The videos were innovative as he incorporated mods, or modifications, which are custom additions to the game. With mods, the game had new animals, weapons and monsters as well as turned them into a story-like adventure. The content followed a storyline, and in his lab, he reviewed the mods. The unique characters and custom additions made Dan TDM’s videos different from normal gaming videos. He is a funny player, which makes his videos entertaining to watch. His channel gained 28 million subscribers, and immense popularity. 


PopularMMO’s, the channel created by Patrick Julianelle, launched on YouTube in 2012. Later on, he created videos along with his girlfriend at the time, Jen, who also had an online gaming platform. Pat and Jen created inventive videos surrounding the popular video game, Minecraft. The two would participate in challenges and races, while the audience followed along as they played. Pat and Jen created Minecraft content on YouTube together and eventually created more content through books and merchandise. One of the most memorable videos was titled, “Minecraft: Insane Emerald Lucky Block Race,” which gained a total of 41 million views. The channel was extremely popular, as it reached 17 million followers. 


“Growing up I watched a lot of Minecraft YouTubers, but I'd definitely say my favorite was Pat and Jen from PopularMMOs,” junior Carson Conway said. “They did a variety of intriguing videos, and a lot of things other Minecraft YouTubers didn't do. To viewers, their relationship was really healthy and interesting, making it fun to see them interact.”

Through the celebrated video game, Minecraft created an opportunity for each of these creative content creators to make well received Minecraft videos. Minecraft and the videos on YouTube that surrounded the game became a significant part of many people's lives, which will remain with them for many years to come.


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