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Create Your Perfect Winter Wonderland

Top 10 Best Holiday Movies to Watch in 2023

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The weather becomes colder. The sun sets earlier. Leaves turn orange and brown, covering the ground. The shift from fall to winter season makes a positive impact on everyone. People begin to layer their clothes, turn on their fireplace and huddle together under a blanket around the television. Sipping on a warm cup of hot chocolate, everyone is watching their favorite movie and spending time together. There is a wide variety of holiday movies to choose from, of all genres. Whether it is a heartwarming, adventurous, thrilling or romantic movie, these are the top 10 holiday movies to snuggle up on the couch. 

1. “Home Alone”

“Home Alone” is a classic comedy movie to watch during the winter holidays. With five movies in the series, this tale brings everyone together to learn about the importance of family and the true meaning of Christmas. The comedy movie sets a scene with a young boy, left at home by accident while his family leaves on vacation. At his house, a series of comedic events occur while burglars attempt to kidnap him and rob the house. The clever boy outsmarts the burglars.

2. “Elf”

The “Elf” movie is a funny movie about a man named Buddy, who was raised at the North Pole. Eventually, he discovers that he is not like the other elves. In fact, he is human. Throughout the movie, he sets on an adventure to find his true identity and who his father is. This heartwarming and comedic movie brings joy and Christmas spirit.

3. “The Polar Express”

“The Polar Express” is a beautifully created animation about the magic of Christmas. Children from all over the world hop on a magical train to the North Pole. The classic film teaches about friendships and kindness. 

4. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

This classic movie begins by introducing a green grouchy creature called the Grinch, who hates the whole idea of Christmas. He tends to ruin people’s spirits by stealing childrens’ presents and taking down decorations. In Whoville, a girl named Cindy Lou, who teaches the Grinch how to be kind and spread love to others. This movie heartwarms the audience.

5. “A Christmas Story”

“A Christmas Story” is set in the 1940’s, providing a nostalgic feeling. The main character, Ralphie, wants a specific toy gun for Christmas really badly. Besides his Christmas wish, the story presents his daily life in his family. “A Christmas Story” is a comedic movie filled with funny incidents regarding the toy gun that Ralphie desires. 

6. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a unique holiday movie. This fictional fantasy is about a Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, who only celebrates Halloween in his town. Over the years, he has gotten bored and wanted to discover the new realms of holidays. He enters the Christmas realm, swapping childrens’ presents with scary toys from the Halloween realm. He attempts to merge holidays. Instead, he decides to spread the Christmas spirit and joy throughout realms.

7. “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”

“The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” truly brings out the magical feeling of winter. A young girl named Clara receives a present from her late mother. The box she was given needs a key to open. When she attempts to find the key and open the box, she enters a new world of fantasy. As she meets many mysterious characters, her experience quickly escalates into a quest to save and restore peace to the realm. This movie blends a perfectly balanced mix of the classic Nutcracker, ballet, adventure and magic. 

8. “The Lodge”

“The Lodge” is a perfect movie to watch during the holidays for those who love horror and thriller movies. This psychological film is about a soon-to-be family who experiences terrifying events from their stepmother’s past. This suspenseful movie takes place at a lodge, where the family decides to take their holiday trip at. The movie makes the audience experience a variety of emotions throughout.

9. “The Holidate”

“The Holidate” is a great romantic movie for the winter holidays. Two strangers who are tired of being single decide to keep each other company by going to social events. Eventually, they fall in love. This humorous and romantic movie is a great holiday movie to bring joy.

10. “White Christmas”

“White Christmas” is a classic holiday film. Made in 1954, this musical movie takes place on Christmas Eve. The characters attempt to revive an Inn by creating a musical, soon to develop feelings for each other throughout their journey. 

These top- picked holiday movies are perfect to watch either by yourself, with friends or family. Each movie is combined with numerous genres that could be the perfect movie to end your night. These cozy-feeling Christmas and winter holiday films will for sure warm up your night!


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