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Finding Yourself Through Fashion

The Balance Between Style and Trends

Photo by Dom Hill on Unsplash

When you think of a person, their style is something that might come to mind. Personal style is something that makes someone who they are as a person and allows them to express themselves. When it comes to fashion, it is all about finding the perfect balance between individual style and following trends. Styles tend to be timeless, unique and personal, while trends are temporary and influenced by popular culture. While it is fun to stay on top of social media’s top trends, it is also important to stay true to yourself by creating a personal sense of style. Styles allow for self-expression, individuality and confidence. Trends are fun to investigate, but they may not necessarily always fit someone’s given style. Finding a balance between following trends and staying true to personal style is key to remaining present and confident with who you are.

Individuality is a prime example of having your own style because one is not just following a crowd of people or trends they see on social media. Fashion is a statement piece when it comes to allowing ourselves to showcase individuality. Through fashion choices, unique styles speak to who we are and who we become. Between choosing colors, patterns or elaborate textures fashion is a language that allows us to communicate without saying a word. Certain cultures also have specific styles and fashion choices that embody their beliefs and express values relevant to one personally. Style is the base of individuality; it is a celebration of diversity and a way to showcase ourselves.

Trends in fashion often refer to popular items that commonly change over time. They are often influenced by celebrities, influencers and social media. Most pieces include colors, fit of clothes, accessories and patterns. Some popular trends in 2024 include puffy sleeves, basic crop tops and flowy dresses. However, trends are now causing stores to design and produce unoriginal copycat designs, making it harder and harder to find original fashion. When getting lost in the allure to fit in, we sometimes forget certain fashion statements that speak truly to us and become overwhelmed with the need to stay on top of the most recent fads. While it is okay to experiment and have fun with trends, you must be yourself when doing so.

Showcasing oneself through fashion can also be original and fun. Having your own look gives one the freedom to explore and experiment with items some would never wear. Many ways one could find their own unique fashion style are through exploring interests, testing out different styles and considering your personality when shopping. However, it is very important to maintain a balance between following trends and style.

Overall, fashion was created for people to experiment and have a good time doing so. Staying true to yourself and shopping based on your personal opinions could help to make your next shopping trip more enjoyable and unique. Remaining present with yourself and drawing a balance between following trends and personal style will create confidence and a stronger value of self-worth.


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