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Maclay vs. Deerfield Windsor

Gallery: Maclay vs. Deerfield Windsor Football Game

Marauders Go Down Fighting - Maclay varsity football loses a close game against Deerfield Windsor 28-30. The Marauders battled vigorously against the Knights, but fell short of a win.

Ready, Set… - Marauders line up for the play. Both teams are focused and ready to fight for the win.

Words on the Wise - “We need to be better mentally prepared,” senior Cole Lewis said. “We need to execute our offense better.”

Get Your Head in the Game - Second year coach Jason Cauley delivers feedback and a game plan to the Marauders. He keeps the players focused and motivated for their first home game.

Reaching for the Stars - Junior Nash Beshears leaps to catch the ball. “I think we got tired,” Beshears said. “We need to find more players who will step up.”

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate - Sophomore Manny Arisso rehydrates after a tough play against the Knights. Staying healthy and hydrated is what will fuel him throughout the game.

Game Ready - Weightlifting coach Kenyon Boatfield ensures that each of the Marauders are ready for the tough game ahead. They know they must double down on grit to compete with this team.

When Times Get Tough - “We’re all really upset right now,” senior Will O’Connor said. “We’re just going to bring that hatred and anger to the next game and study up on our opponent for next week.”

Score - Marauders score the extra point after their touchdown. This puts them ahead of their opponents and drives them further into the game.

Lined up - Marauders are ready to go onto the field at any point, but are currently on the sidelines to support their teammates. The team encourages each other to perform at the best of their abilities to put up a competitive game against the Knights.

Photos by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian


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