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One More Chance

The Marauders Varsity Boys Lacrosse Team Lost in Their First Round of Districts

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

The varsity boys lacrosse team headed to face off against the South Walton Seahawks in a district game on Tuesday, April 16. As the Marauders hold their place in the second seed, they will continue to have another opportunity to play against Bolles. Their season currently stands at 10 wins and 10 losses.

Sophomore Abram Wildrick started off the game strong for the Marauders. winning the face off and passing the ball over to junior Carson Stockston. Stockston progressed down the field and quickly scored the first point of the game for the Marauders. 

As the teams faced off again, Wildrick gained possession of the ball, quickly throwing it to sophomore Manny Arisso. Arisso did not have the ball for long until the Seahawks came and checked the ball out of his stick. The Seahawks ran with the ball and, shortly after, scored their first point of the night. At the end of the first quarter, the Seahawks led 5-1.

Entering the second quarter, Wildrick began the face off, but freshman Andrew Guyer was close to the ball, scooping it up to run it down the field and passing it off to freshman William Beaty. The Seahawks defense stood strong, stopping the Marauders from getting in their endzone. Their offense was quick on their feet moving the ball down the field quickly, eventually scoring. At the end of the second quarter, the Marauders trailed 2-10. 

“I feel like the effort and energy wasn’t really there,” senior Brad Gerrish said. “We did not want it as bad as the other team and they came out super strong while we started really slow.”

When halftime was over the teams got back on the field and Wildrick took the face off again. Immediately the Seahawks took possession of the ball and scored on the Marauders. A timeout was then called on the field, allowing the teams to go over their game plan. South Walton got back on the field and scored another goal as they were quick to get the ground balls. At the end of the third quarter the score was 4-14, and the Marauders were still down. 

The Marauders only let up for four points in the final quarter, but the Marauders only scored once. The final game score was 5-18, but the season is not over for the Marauders as they will battle Boles on Wednesday, April 24.

“Overall, it was a much better season than last year,” head coach Justin Vantassel said. “We are still very young. They make a lot of young mistakes, and I think last night being a district title game they played like a young team. It was a big stage for them and they made a lot of young mistakes.”


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