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Going Back to the Basics

5 Must-Watch Halloween-Themed Episodes From Our Favorite Childhood Shows

Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash

With Halloween approaching, our minds are focusing on the cooler weather, spooky Halloween activities and stuffing our faces with fall foods. While sitting in bed all curled up in a fall-themed blanket with the smell of pumpkin pie coming from the kitchen and slowly taking sips of the Starbucks pumpkin-spice latte, we all have the same problem; figuring out what to watch. There have been numerous new Halloween movies and shows that have recently come out, but sometimes it is better to go back to the basics: Halloween episodes of our favorite childhood shows. 


Ghost Bummers - Season 3 Episode 1

Jessie Prescott, a nanny of four, hosts a Halloween party for the apartment while her antagonist, Rhoda Chesterfield, hosts another party to see who goes to each one. Things start to get eerie when Mrs. Chesterfield tells Jesse and the kids that the apartment used to be haunted. The ghost graphics give a spooky feeling to the viewers making it one of the top-tier Halloween episodes. 

Austin and Ally

Horror Stories and Halloween Scares - Season 3 Episode 20

Singer-songwriters Austin Moon and Ally Dawson and their two friends Trish De La Rosa and Dez Wade planned on going to a Halloween party to celebrate the spooky holiday. Right before they are about to leave the lights turn off and the friends get locked in at Sonic Boom. When the friends start to tell their best spooky stories, it gives the viewers a ghostly feeling and gets them ready for the spooky vibes centered around Halloween.

Liv and Maddie

Helgaween-A-Rooney - Season 2 Episode 3

Twins, Liv and Maddie Rooney, find an old amulet from when they were kids that has suddenly become magical. The amulet brings their nightmare of a triplet to life, Helga. Helga goes to their school, Ridgewood High School, and attempts to ruin everything. The supernatural appearance of Helga effectively makes nightmares come alive. 


iScream on Halloween - Season 1 Episode 7

Carly Shay and Sam Puckett decide to film a Halloween webcast in an apartment that no one lives in but mysteriously has signs of life coming from it. Creepy things start happening in the apartment while they are filming the webcast and the friends start to believe that the ghost stories about the apartment are true. The eerie things that happened in the episode led the friends to believe that hauntings could be real making this spooky situation hilarious.

Hannah Montana

Torn Between Two Hannahs - Season 1 Episode 17

When Miley’s cousin, Luaan, comes to visit, trouble stirs up in the Stewert household. No one believes what  Miley has been saying for years now that Luaan is evil. The cousins go to a Halloween party and this is when the issues arise. This episode is a must-watch as it highlights the amusement that comes with Halloween.

Halloween is known as one of the most famous holidays when it comes to watching a movie or a TV show. Whether it is watching the scariest horror movie or a feel-good Halloween movie, entertainment from a TV can be a fun activity to do in your free time. Not all Halloween movies or TV shows have to be new to enjoy. Going back to watching the shows we grew up with that have a Halloween-themed episode, can get us into the spooky mood and can lead us to feeling the enjoyment of Halloween.


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