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Gotta Prep for the Test

ACT and SAT Prep Is Essential for Students

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The ACT and SAT can have a heavy impact on high school students' futures. These two tests are arguably the most important tests a student can take. It is essential that highschool students  prepare themselves before taking these tests because it gives students a higher chance of receiving a better score. Hence, receiving a good score on these tests can give students a better chance of getting accepted into more demanding schools and can create opportunities for scholarships and it also creates good study habits that will be beneficial in the future.

Properly preparing for  the SAT and ACT can create a higher chance for a student to receive a higher score. This year, at Monroe high school, one of their students received a perfect score on both of his standardized tests. The student claims that it took a lot of practice to achieve a perfect score. He even claims that if a student studies enough for the ACT that they will at least receive a 30 on the test, which is an above average score. When students take the time to prepare and practice for standardized tests, it makes higher scores more achievable.

The fear of not getting into a good college can cause a lot of pressure for students. However, receiving an above average score on the SAT and ACT can take the pressure off. If a student receives a good score, they can receive or apply for scholarships. An example of this is an organization called Bright Futures. This organization was created to help give students an opportunity for a scholarship for Florida colleges. With a certain GPA, amount of service hours and test scores, anyone can get the scholarship leading to people not worrying as much about financial situations.

A good study habit is essential for students to learn and study for standardized tests. Preparation for these tests take a lot of time and effort. Studying, however, can help people pick up good habits such as a good work ethic that they can bring into college. The average college student studies about 15 hours per week. If students begin to prepare themselves with good study habits in highschool, it will make it easier for them to have a successful work ethic in college. Studying for the ACT and SAT can make an easier and less stressful college life for students.

Although some people do receive a good score on the standardized test without even studying for them, there are many negatives for the people who do not study. Those people will have it harder in college because the student is not prepared and does not know how to study in an efficient and good way. Only 27% of people get a job as their original mayor and the other 73% switch mayors and go into an occupation in that. It will be an easier transfer and adaptation to a whole other course if a person uses good study habits and creating those good study habits when studying for the ACT and SAT is a great way to start. It is important that students prepare for the ACT and SAT because it can increase their score, create more college opportunities and can help make good study habits. SAT and ACT preparation is only going to benefit students and create many positive outcomes.


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