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Drake Drops His Second Album of the Year

Drake's concise yet triumphant new album reaffirms his status as one of the decade's most successful artists. Drake has been one of the hottest artists recently, releasing record setting albums. His best-selling albums include “Scorpion,” “Certified Lover Boy” and “Her Loss.” In October of this year, he dropped the long awaited “For All the Dogs,” an 84 minute album with four songs joining the Billboard Top 100. Drake wasted no time in dropping new music, as evidenced by his latest collection titled "Scary Hours 3," released in November. Unlike many of Drake’s albums, “Scary Hours 3” is quite short, comprising only six songs. The album was a surprise for many individuals as they were not expecting Drake to release any new songs, as he had  finished his “It’s All A Blur” tour the month before.

In his latest album, Drake collaborates with artist J. Cole. While it's common for Drake's songs to feature other artists, interestingly, five out of the six tracks in "Scary Hours 3" are solo endeavors. Surprisingly, "Evil Ways," the lone song with a featured artist, has emerged as one of the most listened to tracks on the album. The collaboration with J. Cole is particularly noteworthy, given their similar rap styles, which seamlessly complements the overall vibe of the song. The placement of the feature creates an exceptional and appealing conclusion. In  J. Cole’s feature, he raps about how negative behavior can transform his life. Additionally, the two mention how unfavorable actions only hurt relationships, and even though they engaged in it in the past, they are determined to change. Overall, the lyrics and  story successfully compliment the theme of personal reflection. J. Cole and Drake’s collaboration has proven once again why they are two of the most decorated artists of our generation.

Another popular song in the album, “You Broke My Heart” is an energetic song that is extremely emotional. Drake raps about the betrayal and heartbreak he’s experiencing because of a failed relationship. The song is a space where Drake releases all of his emotions towards his ex-girlfriend. Overall, the background music is extremely catchy and successfully sets up Drake’s verses. Even though many lyrics are repetitive, highlighting how deeply he is feeling, Drake’s voice is spectacular and matches perfectly with the beat.

The inaugural track on Drake's latest album, "Red Button" diverges significantly from his usual sound, with standout background music and a somber, spiritless chorus that aptly sets the mood for the song. “Red Button” gives off laid-back vibes as it is a peaceful and relaxed song. However, the Taylor Swift mention  is the highlight of the song. Drake raps about the respect he has for her and how he considers himself a “Swiftie.” Even though “Red Button” may have been one of the worst songs on the album, it is still an incredible Drake song that shows just how versatile he is.

Not many rappers release two albums in one calendar year, but Drake managed to pull it off, leaving fans speechless. From the first note to the last, “Scary Hours 3” is a masterpiece that defines Drake’s success. The incredible stories rife with self-reflection, the beats, flows and verses show why Drake is the best of the best. There is no clear date when he will drop his next album, but Drake is unpredictable and could surprise us with a new album in the near future.


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