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Is It Beneficial To Have Background Noise Playing While Studying?

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Studying can be a tedious aspect of a student's life. The dreadful chore brings exhaustion into their already hectic schedule and students can have a hard time keeping focus on their schoolwork, especially when in a distracting environment. The idea that one must be in complete silence to get anything done may have some truth to it, but it does not work for everyone. Watching shows, listening to music or having background noise playing while studying does have beneficial outcomes, and if done correctly, can positively impact one’s education plan.

One way that watching a show or movie while studying can lead to an increase in productivity is that it can motivate individuals to study for a longer period. A big challenge that students deal with when trying to study for a major test is losing interest in the subject rather quickly and then looking towards entertainment to fill the time. Having a show playing in the background can significantly help students stay engaged with their material as well as keep them energized. However, to do this successfully, an individual should put on a show they have seen several times, that way they are up to date with the plot and can put forth more attention toward schoolwork. Another alternative is putting on educational or less interesting channels such as the news or weather channels, so students won’t feel the need to look up constantly, diverting them from their studying.

In addition to improving one’s motivation, having background noise playing while studying has also been shown to help students focus. While it may not seem like it, listening to shows, music or white noise when studying can help one’s brain absorb, process and intercept new information more easily. Adding this task into your school routine could help train your brain to pay more attention to the information students are trying to learn. Again, for this element to be effective, students must be aware of what study habits work best for them. Individuals must not let whatever they are listening to get too loud, or it will defeat the overall purpose of the hack.

Arguably one of the most important factors that background noise helps eliminate is the amount of stress that students experience while studying. Although music may not seem to help with anxiety on the surface, it is an extremely effective way to alleviate any mental pressure that students could be experiencing after studying for hours on end. It has often been found that a noisy environment allows individuals to feel less pressured and can help mask stressful thoughts. Watching a television show or listening to other soothing white noises while studying also boosts the relaxed feeling for students which is always a relief.

Despite all the clear benefits that background noises bring to a study space, a popular concern that this concept brings is how a student is likely to get distracted from their work if  their favorite movie or song is playing in the background. This can certainly be true if a student chooses the wrong program to play while studying and can cause them to end up pushing their work to the side. For students to find any success within this study method, they must take their academics seriously and play things they are less likely to get distracted by.

Whether you are the type of person who finds listening to background noise while studying beneficial or disruptive, it is essential to identify what learning approach best fits your style of learning. Although playing music or shows when trying to study can make the process more entertaining, if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages in an individual's study, sitting in silence may be the best option.


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