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Keep Calm and Start the School Year off Strong

It Is Important for Students To Start the New School Year off Strong

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As summer comes to a close and school begins to swing into full gear, students can carry a heavy burden knowing their stress free summer time is over. It is crucial that students maintain a positive attitude coming back to school to help ensure that they start the school year off strong. A good foundation to start the school year off strong is going into it with a positive attitude and staying as organized as possible.

School can be stressful, especially after just coming off of a long break.  Students are being pushed back into immense amounts of homework, activities and sports. It is easy to get stuck in a negative mindset as school work begins to pile on and schedules begin to fill at a rapid pace. Positivity makes it easier to achieve goals. This is because when you’re in a positive state of mind, good decisions come more naturally. It helps to be able to look ahead and make a plan, rather than just reacting to the setbacks you encounter. It can also be easier for students to ask for help when they have a more positive mindset. When faced with an obstacle in their path, students are more likely to reach out to a teacher or parent for advice if they are thinking more positively. Positivity releases serotonin and dopamine, also known as the happiness and feel-good hormones, into your brain. At the same time, it reduces the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, into your brain, which in turn leads to improved memory, learning, creative thinking and problem solving.

As we begin to get back into the swing of things it is important for students to start off the school year in an organized fashion. It can be easy to become overwhelmed as the school year wears on, this is why it is important to start the school year off strong and organized. When students stay more organized, they have an easier time focusing on their schoolwork and completing assignments in a timely manner. Being organized also makes studying for tests more effective since students know what materials to review and where to find them quickly. Organization skills can also help students not only be more productive in school but also when doing in-home activities because they know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and how to prioritize their tasks. Having this ability helps them complete tasks quicker, allowing them to move on to other activities or interests with increased motivation and enthusiasm. Being organized also teaches students to use their time more efficiently and plan ahead. This helps them learn important life skills such as managing multiple tasks and deadlines in doing so, making the most of every day. When students develop these habits going into the school year, rather than halfway through, it is much easier for them. It can be difficult for students to dig themselves out of a disorganized rut, that is why it is important for students to go into the school year with the intention of being organized.


Going into the new school year, it is important for students to start it off strong by keeping a positive mindset. It is also important for students to remember to stay organized and learn good time management skills. If students  make an effort to keep a positive mindset and stay on task, they have a higher chance of being successful in this upcoming school year.


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