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Leave the World Behind

The Film That May Suggest a Warning

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The 2023 American film “Leave the World Behind” is a psychological thriller that follows the theme of apocalyptic disasters in a modern way. Starred by Ethan Hawke, Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Myha’la and Kevin Bacon, the characters work together to navigate the rapid failure of technology such as television and iPhones. Throughout the film, the destruction of modern technology leads to an apocalypse. 

The thrilling plot was the most memorable aspect of this film. The movie follows two families as they go from strangers to survivors of a technological catastrophe. As the film proceeds, the disasters of a foreign cyber attack threaten American security. The plot was so successful because it was a story that felt relatable. Many Americans are hooked on their phones, and the story gives viewers insight into how dependent we really are on them. While the plot felt relatable, it was also thrilling. The fear aspect of the movie kept viewers hooked and wanting to see what would happen. The plot was the best part of this movie because it was a thrilling story that Americans can relate to. 

The acting was a major element of the film that received mixed reviews. While the acting was not terrible, it was not great. This is because the characters were bland, uninteresting and pretty unlikable, which led the film to fail to employ an emotional connection between the viewers and audience. Because the characters were bland, the actors were not able to perform in a memorable way. If the characters had more intriguing personalities, the actors would have had a better, more memorable performance instead of a bland one. 

The ending of the movie also received mixed reviews from critics, but it tied together the whole film. The final scenes of the movie are pure chaos until the very last scene. The final scene creates an ironic end to the film while leaving viewers on a cliffhanger. This ending allowed viewers to make their own interpretations on the situation.  While many viewers dislike a cliffhanger, this one was successfully done and went well with the movie's storyline. 

The message of the film is what made the movie stand out. As the film reached publicity after its release, it is notable that former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama were credited as executive producers of the film. Because of this, the movie suggests a social commentary on America's reliance on technology. The main message of the film is a warning for what could happen to our nation if technology was disrupted by foreign cyberattacks. This message made the movie stand out because it is a circumstance that could potentially apply to all Americans. 

“Leave the World Behind” is a must-watch for American viewers. The creators of this film successfully portrayed American society and how it revolves around modern technology. Though the acting was poor, the thrilling plot and ironic ending helped the movie leave a lot of room for interpretation and social commentary. The film was impactful because it successfully sends a message that leaves viewers with a feeling of concern for the United States if we faced a cyber attack. 

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Plot: ★★★★★

Ending: ★★★★★

Acting: ★★★★

Message: ★★★★★


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