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Mom Drama

The Importance of Remaining Neutral

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There are various parenting styles out there in the world, however, some of these styles have negative effects on children's manners and how they process and deal with drama. In a lot of cases, parents develop a sense of attachment out of fear of losing or being rejected by their children, causing them to get over-involved in their children’s life. It becomes increasingly common for mothers, especially as their kids reach high school, to immerse themselves in their kids’ school drama, creating a toxic environment for the children. While it is important for mothers to still be present as their children grow older, creating boundaries by providing mature advice rather than bad-mouthing other kids in high school is key. When these lines become blurry, it can promote negativity within the household and teach the children immature behavior. 

As kids grow up, their parents are typically who they look up to in tough situations. However, this can cause complications if parents are not always setting the best example for their kids. Kids observe their parents’ behavior, values, attitudes, problem-solving skills and how they communicate in tough situations, meaning they tend to adapt these skills. When mothers over-invest in their children’s drama and go on to spread that drama to other mothers, it only exhibits bad behavior and teaches their kids the wrong lesson. This can easily influence kids to think gossiping is okay. 

It is relatively common for mothers to gossip over things they may hear surrounding their child’s life and get a false impression of the other child involved. This false image then gets spread between other mothers and adults, which then shapes their narrative continuing to spread high school toxicity. Hearing what mothers are saying may also get back to other kids and create even more drama and rumors. 

It is hard enough for many high school students to deal with drama between them and other students, and adding parents to the mix only makes things harder. Mothers are known to be protectors but this does not give them the authority to talk about someone else’s kid. As strong as the urge to defend your child is, it is always better to remain neutral and offer useful advice rather than feeding into the drama. Overall, if more parents create boundaries within their kids’ drama, false narratives and gossip wouldn’t spread as much.


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