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Not Your Typical Fairytale

Review of the New “Damsel” Movie

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The classic fairytale story where the prince rescues the princess and lives happily ever after is not the case for the “Damsel” movie. The new “Damsel” movie is the number one top pick for views on Netflix, and puts a twist on the classic fairytale story. It's an action-pact movie with astonishing character development, extraordinary acting and overall a spectacular plot.

Over the course of one hour and 47 minutes, the main character, Princess Elodie, exceeds expectations from the audience of her capability. At the start of the film, Princess Elodie is seen as a strong woman who helps out her royal family by marrying a prince from a wealthy kingdom. What is unknown to Princess Elodie, is that the kingdom has some dark secrets that keep its kingdom thriving. Unfortunately, Elodie has to discover the truth of the kingdom on her own and survive through many challenges. Throughout each struggle, Elodie shows the audience different sides of her and the wit she has that was overlooked. Not only does she show her mental strength in the movie but also her physical strength. She faces a situation involving trying to defeat a dragon that many men have tried to defeat before. Will she defeat the dragon and end victorious or will she lose like the rest? The audience does not know until the end, due to the amazing acting of the cast.


Millie Bobby Brown, who played Princess Elodie in the movie, moved her audience. She is well known for her other films, such as Stranger Things and Enola Homes but she outdid herself with her role. She gave the audience all different sorts of emotions and continued to grow as an actor. Other actors such as Nick Robinson, who played Prince Henry and Ray Winstone who played Lord Bayford, did a remarkable job in their acting as well. With many senses making the audience either hate those characters or feel remorse for them. The overall acting did an incredible job of helping the plot and deepening it.

The plot of the movie was interesting, to say the least. Although it takes a while for the audience to realize what the plot is, once discovering it, it automatically makes everything in the movie click. At the beginning of the film there is a quick 10-minute scene that didn’t have a clear meaning. However, once uncovering the plot, the scene’s purpose is more apparent. The plot of the film was unexpected but somehow still made sense with the whole movie. The one thing the movie should have done was introduce the plot a bit sooner due to the audience not really knowing the majority of the movie. Other than that small detail, it was an overall good movie.

In the “Damsel” movie, there was amazing character development making some of the characters’ personalities have a lot of depth, amazing acting from all cast members and a profound plot. This movie is exceptional and deserves the recognition it is receiving.

<Star Rating>

Acting: ★★★★

Character development: ★★★★★

Plot: ★★★★★


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