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Preventing Terror of Trick or Treating

Top Three Best Places To Trick or Treat in Tallahassee

Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on Unsplash

Trick or treating is a popular Halloween tradition that most people have experienced throughout their childhoods. Trick or treating is a fun way to spend time with friends and family, express yourself in a unique costume, and of course, the best way to get free candy. However, the fun filled festivities can be dangerous if you are not in a safe neighborhood. Being in a safe neighborhood with houses that are placed close together are essential for having a successful trick or treating experience.

“It's advisable to take your kids to a place where people are participating, houses are decorated and a safe neighborhood for the kids,” Maclay Tru-Bru worker,  Jarod Bates said.

In the Tallahassee community, there are three locations that create the best places to trick or treat.

Beard Street

Beard Street is an area located in Midtown Tallahassee and is popular for its haunted decorations, Halloween spirit and active participation from everyone of all ages. Since 2004, residents of Beard Street have come together each year on Halloween, and have celebrated the night with the community.  Beard Street stands out from other neighborhoods because the streets are filled with trick or treaters, a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of food and party activities. This location is a perfect place for children to trick or treat because of its family friendly environment with an endless supply of candy and costumes. Beard Street is not only a great place for children to trick or treat, but it is also a great location for adults to enjoy Halloween. Adults can embrace their Halloween spirit and the festivities of the night attain an audience for all ages. Beard Street is arguably one of the best places to trick or treat in Tallahassee and will allow for families to make memories that will stick with them forever.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle is another great location for trick or treating. The neighborhood is located North of Tallahassee and is a private gated community that ensures safety and protection for its residents. Halloween can be a dangerous night, as property and violent crimes spike because of distracted drivers, alcohol usage and large groups of people celebrating. With the high level of security that Golden Eagle projects, the neighborhood is a tremendous place for families to trick or treat and enjoy the Halloween festivities without the fear of endangerment. Golden Eagle is not only a safe place to trick or treat, but it is also a delightful community because of the welcoming environment. Many Maclay students have celebrated Halloween in Golden Eagle, and have made fond memories while trick or treating.

“I remember one street in Golden Eagle used to give out king sized candy bars and I used to love that as a kid,” junior Zac Scovotto said.


Southwood is the third and final best neighborhood to trick or treat in. Southwood is a lively neighborhood located in Southeast Tallahassee, which prioritizes creating a close-knit community between the neighbors. The neighborhood is an amazing location for trick or treating because the community is festive, friendly and social. The homes are arranged close together, which reassures families that their safety is Southwood’s main concern during the fun, yet chaotic night. Among the Maclay community, Southwood holds many great Halloween memories.

“The decorations are always awesome, people go all out all the time, and no one's being mean about anything and everyone waits their turn,”  junior Carson Conway said. “It's a good place for adults too. A lot of parents drive around their kids in golf carts, take pictures with the decorations, hand out candy and hold costume competitions.”

Trick or treating is a major part of Halloween festivities. It is an exciting activity for children and is a great way for adults to make memories with their families. To have a successful trick or treating experience, a safe and festive location is necessary. In Tallahassee, there are many places that are great for trick or treating, but Beard Street, Golden Eagle and Southwood undoubtedly make for a memorable night for kids and families to cherish moving forward.


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