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Rallying Into the 23-24 School Year

Gallery: August 2023 Pep Rally

A Lot of Dance Going on! - The Mini Marauders dance team takes the stage for their performance. Spicing up the pep rally with a little Taylor Swift is the best start to the day.

Maclay School Gets Rowdy - We’ve got spirit and we want you to hear it!

Maclay students celebrate their school by enjoying school community events such as pep rallies.

K.O. - It's never a Maclay Pep Rally without some friendly competition. A game of knockout is a fun way to show skills on the court. In or out, you can count on a good time. Maclay cheerleaders keep the room loud as the game goes on.

Beaming Across the Court - Mr. Beamer takes on a game of dodgeball against Maclay students. Whenever he is around, the Maclay community is all smiles! Faculty vs student dodgeball is a crowd favorite. Students from lower, middle, and upper school are chosen to play a game of dodgeball against teachers and administrators.

Maclay’s Best Pep Team - 2023-2024 cheer squad poses with Rowdy the Marauder for a picture. With lots of new students come lots of new cheerleaders! This year Maclay’s cheer team expands with new students getting involved in the Maclay community. The Maclay cheerleaders bring their smiling faces and positive attitudes to any event that needs cheering. They always radiate school spirit amongst the Maclay community.

Football Season is Back! - The school year is finally in swing and fall has almost set in. Football fans are ready to rumble! Will O’connor announces the first home game of the season and encourages students and faculty to attend. The Maclay community is always eager to come together for some Friday Night Lights.

77 - Rowdy the marauder is known as a fierce viking. He arrived at Maclay  50 years ago and is here to stay. His number, 77, is significant because Rowdy will always be there if a room is too quiet. He serves as a symbol of unity and pride for the entire school.

Blue vs White - Who has the most school spirit? Maclay upper school or lower school? Cheerleading co-captain Copeland Frazee leads the school in a school spirit chant competition along with the cheer squad.

Sibling Ring Toss - Maclay student siblings press pause on sibling rivalry for a few minutes to team up. Whenever siblings work together you know it's going to get competitive! Junior Lily Thompson and freshman JR Thompson have their minds set on winning the ring toss event.

STUDENTS WIN! - Students are always eager to see who will win student vs faculty competitions.Taking the dodgeball court comes with great responsibility. Students count on each other to win!


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