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Honorable Historians

Gallery: Rho Kappa Induction

Overview - Students who each have a love for history join together to be inducted into Rho Kappa.

Veritas- Senior Copeland Frazee lights the first candle representing truth.

Scientia - Senior and Secretary Charlie Rust,

lights the second candle representing knowledge.

Servitium - The fourth and last candle, representing service, is lit by President David May.

Sapienta - The third candle, representing wisdom, is lit by Frazee.

Leaders - Inductees raise their right hand and agree to the principles of Rho Kappa. The new members vote for leadership positions for the upcoming year. Winners include President Maggie Murray, Vice President Gray Burleson, Secretary Andrew Berenson and Treasurer Lauren Guyer, all soon to be seniors.

New Members! - After saying their pledges to uphold truth, knowledge, wisdom and service, each new member of Rho Kappa receives their certificate.


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