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Rom-Coms Are Back

 “Anyone But You” Is One of the Best Rom-Coms to Come out Since the Early 2000s

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“Feel the rain on your skin no one else can feel it for you only you can let it in no one else, no one else can speak the words on your lips…” 

After watching what’s said to be the best rom-com since “10 Things I Hate About You,” “Anyone but You,” which came out Dec. 22, 2023, left viewers singing “Unwritten” at the top of their lungs. The plot, acting and soundtrack allowed for “Anyone but You” to be one of the best rom-coms since the early 2000s which is shown in its high ratings.

“Anyone but You” starred Bea played by Sydney Sweeney and Ben played by Gwen Powell. The movie follows the two characters' journeys over the course of a wedding weekend in Australia. The two characters were in an iconic enemies-to-lovers plot and had ups and downs as the movie progressed. Overall, the plot of the movie was fantastic. Usually, rom-coms will have a cheesy plot and are extremely predictable all the way through. Even though one could predict the ending of “Anyone but You,” the entirety of the movie had multiple plot twists that viewers could never see coming. Along with this, the movie was highly entertaining with all the humorous jokes and acts throughout the movie.

Sweeney and Powell did an amazing job acting in “Anyone but You.” These two characters had great chemistry which was extremely important for this film. There was never a time during the movie where one felt like they were watching a movie, as the acting allowed for the film to be natural and intriguing. The script was also written very well, which gave Sweeney and Powell the ability to portray their characters perfectly. 

Along with the plot and the acting of the movie, “Anyone but You” did an amazing job choosing the soundtrack. The target audience for this movie was teenagers so they had multiple songs that almost every teenager would know such as “The Spins,” “Sick,” “Sympathy” and many more. Each song went perfectly with the scenes of the movie. On top of this, having “Unwritten” be the main song of the movie was a great choice because of how catchy the song is. Everyone left the theater with the song stuck in their heads which led them to want to watch the movie more than once.

Because of the plot, acting and soundtrack, “Anyone but You” was the best rom-com in over 20 years. The movie is not overhyped and is a must see for someone who has been longing for a great rom-com.

<Star Rating>

Plot: ★★★★★

Acting: ★★★★★

Soundtrack: ★★★★★


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