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Businesses That Sell “Fakes” Should Not Exist

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Social media, magazines, TV shows and pop culture prioritize buying expensive clothing and accessories. In today’s world, owning something with a brand name that people recognize is “trendy” may make you feel like you “fit in,” or help improve your social status. Owning expensive items can also boost self-esteem and provide a sense of achievement. However, while it may be important to buy good quality clothing and accessories that will last a long time, purchasing a costly white t-shirt simply for the logo on the front is just a waste of money. Feeding society’s overpriced addiction are websites that sell “fakes,” an almost identical version of the same product for less than a quarter of the price. These websites are just too good to be true, luring consumers into the obsession with the overpriced, then leaving them with empty pockets or a cheap-looking product.

Society pressures people to appear a certain way and encourages the purchase of “that item” they simply cannot afford. These societal pressures make everyone, even those who cannot afford it, feel like they must keep up with the expensive trends to fit in. The fake websites, only harming society in the long run, will scam you and not even send a product or they will send a cheaply made product that looks nothing like the picture resulting in a money loss. These websites take away from the real brands, both by making them lose money and by reducing the unique aspects of the expensive items.

Buying clothing or accessories from a website that gives you a seemingly great deal will only make you lose money in the long run.  Some people will buy into these websites only to have to continue to buy the same thing over and over, losing them money in the long run. Instead of continuing to buy the same shirt or bag, it's better to invest in good quality clothing that will last for years. If a designer product is sold on a website for a third of the price, the product is likely to never appear on your doorstep or be of very poor quality.

Additionally, these websites take away from the real designer businesses that are trying to make money. Buying your first designer purse can be such an exhilarating experience and most people can only afford one that will last a lifetime. Cheap knockoffs often last only a few weeks and only hurt the real businesses in the long run as designers invest significant money creating unique items and even more money advertising and creating a brand.  The fakes also take away from the design and special elements of a designer purse or outfit. The quality and unique nature of designer products is what makes them so special to purchase. Once you buy a cheap knockoff of the purse, jewelry, or clothing item, the original item loses some of its value.

Many people would argue that these fake websites are essential because they provide affordable replicas of designer products. The knockoff items help people fit in with a wealthier crowd and give them a higher status. Some knockoffs can be good, particularly the more generic ones. For example, a knockoff of real gold jewelry or a basic t-shirt can be beneficial and sometimes last a good amount of time. However, a knockoff designer purse that is cheaply made is different. A basic t-shirt is generic, but a designer purse specially designed by a company is unique. So, while some knockoffs can be good values, fake designer items are almost always not.

These websites selling knockoff designer items for an extremely inexpensive price should not exist. Instead of buying these fakes, there are plenty of more affordable designer options. Instead of buying a Louis Vuitton or Gucci purse, try Marc Jacobs or Kate Spade who sell affordable, and good quality accessories. Then, if you really must have that overpriced designer bag, save up the money for it or buy a used one from Poshmark or Depop.  You will feel better knowing you did not get cheated by knockoffs, and you will truly appreciate that one designer item you saved to purchase.


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