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iPhone Cameras Are Better Than Digital Cameras

Photo by Redd F on Unsplash

Rather than spending 30 extra dollars on a digital camera, use the camera on your iPhone. The camera included on an iPhone is better than digital cameras because it can easily take, edit, and store more photos than a digital camera. The iPhone camera is easy to use overall, more accessible and reliable. Although digital cameras capture a certain aesthetic, it takes time for the picture to develop, and the number of photos that can be taken is limited. To ensure an unlimited amount of good-quality photos, the iPhone camera can be trusted over a digital camera.

A perk of iPhone cameras over digital cameras is that you can take an unlimited amount of photos, and look back at them immediately. An iPhone camera can take 100 or more photos in the span of seconds. When going to dances, out with friends or just to take pictures, people want easy and quick access to the photos. When using the iPhone camera, a person can spam during the photo-taking process, as well as access the photos immediately after they are taken. Not only is it easy to look back at the iPhone images, it is easy to share them with friends. With a digital camera, there is often a limited amount of photos that can be taken. This is because most digital cameras have memory cards that can only hold a certain number of shots before they need to be replaced. As well as a limited amount of photos, many people have to wait a few minutes, or even days before the final picture on their digital camera is developed. If you prefer to take more photos and get them back immediately, the iPhone camera is the camera for you.

Once the perfect image has been captured, the editing process is much easier when done on an iPhone instead of a digital camera. With an iPhone camera, there are multiple things a person can do with the image to enhance it to their liking. You can crop it, adjust it, change the filter, saturation, brightness and definition of the picture. On the other hand, photos captured on a digital camera are a one-and-done thing. It is not as easy to edit a photo as you could on an iPhone. To edit a photo from a digital camera, one would have to download it and upload the image to an editing platform. With the iPhone camera, it is easier because the editing tools are more easily accessible.

Suppose you like the quality of a digital camera but don’t want to deal with limited photos, the price and the development process. In that case, a solution is to download a digital camera app on your phone. There are multiple apps on the Apple app store that have the same features as a digital camera, without needing to purchase one. A popular app is OldRoll, where a person can take as many pictures as they want on an iPhone, but the features of the image resemble a photo taken on a digital camera.

Do not spend extra money on something that is not needed. Use the iPhone camera to take amazing pictures or download an app to take photos that look like they were taken on a digital camera. Either way, everyone will end up with a picture they like. Save the money and capture memories.


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