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Streaming Is Superior

Streaming Services Are Better than Cable TV

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Nowadays, for all TV and movie purposes, there are two choices to decide between. Cable TV and streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus which have become increasingly popular since the 2000s. While cable is a common method of watching, it is not the best. Ever since its rise to popularity, streaming services have reigned superior to cable networks for all entertainment viewing purposes.

An aspect of streaming services that outweighs cable is the much lower monthly price. Per month, streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus usually have cheaper subscription prices than cable networks like Xfinity. The average cable package is typically around $200-$300 every month, whereas streaming services almost always charge less than $30 per month ,which is a big difference. The only times that streaming can get pricey is when a user wants more than one service for all the shows and movies they want, however many companies offer bundles which make things a little cheaper. Streaming can also be canceled at any time, cable often has cancellation fees, not to mention installation costs. In a world where people seek entertainment and form bonds over watching TV and movies, it is easier to cut the costs down and choose streaming services.

Another downside to cable are the time consuming commercials and ads that pop up throughout and in between shows and movies. It is always a little frustrating when you watch something and feel like there are more ads than the show itself,  however this problem can easily be solved by switching to streaming services. Though sometimes they do include short ads, most streaming services offer ad free subscription packages, and while there may be a slightly higher cost, it is never as expensive as cable. In fact, Netflix’s most expensive ad free premium package is only $22.99 a month, much lower than cable, which comes with irritating commercials no matter what. Moreover, to avoid pesky commercial breaks while trying to watch something, streaming services are the superior option.

One of the reasons why people keep cable around is because of the live TV channels where people watch news, sports or other live shows. It is a misconception that switching from cable to streaming means forfeiting the benefits of live TV, when in reality, many streaming services also offer live TV, making it pointless to put up with the annoying ads and higher costs of cable TV. The streaming service Hulu offers nearly all of the live TV channels that cable offers, along with many shows and movies that are always available to stream. Cable offers a greater variety of content to watch.

Some may argue that cable is preferable, as it offers a wider selection of choices to watch. While this can be true, it often is not even noticeable to users. As stated above, most streaming services offer live TV and plenty of selections to choose from in terms of shows and movies. Yes, cable may offer a slightly wider selection sometimes, however streaming also has plenty of movies and TV shows to choose from without all the cons of cable.

People should always opt for streaming services for all TV viewing purposes, as it costs less, can be ad and commercial free and presents just as many options for viewing as cable. Watching TV and movies is something everyone does, so don’t put up with all the cons of cable when streaming  is a way better deal, offering everything cable does and more.


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