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Why Newspaper Is Worth Joining

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I joined Newspaper on a whim at the end of my sophomore year because of a friend encouraging me to join. Writing was nothing new to me and the news certainly wasn’t either. My family always watched the nightly news together or had the National Public Radio on reporting a story. When I was in the class my first year, the structure of the class with different positions made me the strongest writer I could be. Through picking Newspaper as an activity, I expanded my skills, in writing and more, further than I could have imagined.

My experience isn’t uncommon. A big part of many students’ high school experience is joining clubs or picking special electives. Whether a student’s reason is for college applications or because they are passionate about a topic, the club they choose can help them grow. From Green Club to Pickleball Club, there is a wide array of options for students to join. While each club could be beneficial, the club that gets students the most value both academically and socially is Newspaper.

Newspaper is both a club and a class, which allows students to spend a lot of time with their peers. This close-knit group helps students build a community both in and out of the classroom. Newspaper is a highly sought-after activity on a student’s application because it demonstrates working on collaboration. Working with people who have diverse opinions and personalities for a common goal is a valued skill set to have in college and beyond. Moreover, the advisor of Newspaper works closely with the students in their class. According to the Princeton Review, this helps students foster a relationship with their teacher. Having a trusted adult at school beyond the administration is important in everyday school-life, but also college-related inquiries from letters of recommendation to asking for advice. 

Some might claim that other clubs or classes are worth the time because English class is already a requirement. While it is true that English classes require a lot of writing, students only get to write in a formal style. Taking Newspaper allows students to take some of the grammar they learned in class and add their own flair to their writing. Writing without the barriers of formality allows students to express their personalities in words. Being able to discover more about oneself through researching new topics and conducting interviews is a very powerful experience. 

There are many cool options of clubs to choose from, and every single one is worth exploring. However, if you want a club that will give you the best of both worlds in academics and your social skills, Newspaper is a worthy option.


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