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The Season Does Not Change the Shoe

Uggs Should Be Worn Year Round 

Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash

Despite being most popular in the fall or winter season, Uggs are timeless shoes that can be worn any year and any season. Coming in a wide variety that suits multiple occasions, the company thrives on the comfort it brings to the people. 

Since Uggs always have a spike in sales during the fall and winter season due to the incredible comfort Uggs bring, the shoe brand starts to release a wider variety of the shoe then. Some of their popular items are their slippers, the miniature boots and the regular mini boots. Anyone can find a perfect fit for them no matter their gender, location or the season. Uggs create new types in multiple colors each year to further expand customer range.

The interior of the shoe is lined with fur to keep the person's feet warm during colder times. The fur on the inside is soft, which keeps the skin from being irritated even when worn multiple times or for a long period of time. The inside of the shoe is also very durable and does not fall apart easily unlike other shoe brands. Uggs can be worn with socks to provide extra comfort or without them. Since these shoes have no laces, they can be put on very easily. 

With Uggs coming in a variety of styles, it is not hard to find a perfect outfit to go with them. For having a simple day out where the person's main goal is to be comfy, the person can wear the nice fuzzy slippers. If the occasion is a bit more nice, the miniature Uggs go perfect with jeans. The shoes also can go with joggers, sweatpants and skirts. People can wear these shoes in and outside of their house and for multiple occasions. Although people usually wear these shoes during the fall and winter, people say that it would be unnecessary for the shoes to be worn in the summer. 

The fur in the shoes can make the person's feet hot and uncomfortable if worn outside in 80 degree weather. Still, people can wear them inside even in summer. If a person has the thermostat low in their house, it is nice to wear the Uggs slippers to keep themselves warm. Also, if a person goes out for a quick trip, they can just put on the Uggs for a little just for comfort. Another argument that people make is that the price of the shoe is too expensive. Even though the shoes can cost roughly in the $100 range, the material the company uses is expensive and high-quality, so the person is paying for a timeless shoe that will not wear out, unlike other shoes that are even more expensive. 

Overall, Uggs are a timeless piece of clothing that should be used year round. The company provides a wide collection of shoes to find a perfect one for the perfect person, Uggs are extremely comfortable and easy to put on as well as being acceptable to wear on multiple occasions. Never say Ugh to Uggs. With Uggs, the season does not change the shoe.


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