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The Second Chance They Need

It Is Better to Adopt a Dog from the Shelter Instead of Buying from a Breeder

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Walking through a shelter you see the sweet innocent eyes of abandoned animals. They did not choose this life for themselves; their people gave up on them. Animals who have been given up deserve a second chance, and by choosing to adopt instead of buying from a breeder, you can give them that chance. Adopting your next canine companion is ideal because it can help combat pet overpopulation, encourage responsible pet care, reduce the cost burden and prevent health issues.


Adopting a dog from a shelter is better for the well-being of animals. By choosing adoption, people are contributing to the reduction of pet overpopulation and alleviation of overcrowding in shelters. Each year, millions of dogs are put down due to lack of space and resources, a heartbreaking consequence of breeding practices and irresponsible pet ownership. Going with adoption saves animals’ lives and it provides a second chance to animals that may otherwise have an uncertain fate.


Rescuing  an animal helps to encourage responsible pet ownership by promoting the importance of providing loving homes for animals in need. When people adopt an animal, they undergo a screening process, ensuring that they are equipped to provide proper care to any animal they are planning on bringing into their home. Also, shelters often provide valuable resources, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations and microchipping, further promoting the proper care for adopted pets.


Moreover, adopting from a shelter is much more cost-effective than purchasing from a breeder. While breeders may charge exorbitant prices for purebred puppies, shelters typically offer dogs for a fraction of the cost, with adoption fees covering essential veterinary care and services. Many purebred dogs purchased from breeders are susceptible to genetic disorders and health issues resulting from inbreeding and overbreeding practices. Adding onto that, the majority of shelters provide special care such as spaying/neutering and initial vaccinations, further reducing the financial burden on new owners.

While buying a purebred dog can be more appealing in some cases, adopting is better for the animal population. Choosing adoption over purchasing from a breeder promotes a culture of compassionate consumerism. It sends a powerful message that animals are not objects that are meant to be bought and sold but rather living creatures that deserve love and care. The decision to adopt a dog from a shelter rather than buying from a breeder embodies both moral integrity and practical wisdom. By choosing  adoption, people not only save lives and promote responsible pet ownership but also contribute to a more compassionate and humane world.


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