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Time To Better Your Closet for Fall

Trends That Should Stay and Go

Trends that should stay


  1. Converse 

Converse comes in all different colors and matches with any outfit, fancy or casual. The average price for these shoes are $75, which is less than the average of other brands with a similar style. Converse shoes are durable, lasting years in good shape. Converse is unisex and does not have a particular audience. Because the material is easy to clean, the shoes can easily be put in a washer when dirty. At first, the shoes are hard to break into, but over time they get better and more comfortable. In addition, these shoes are timeless and will look good in any period. 

2. Corset tops 

Corset tops are a staple in a girl’s closet. These shirts are affordable and comfortable due to its stretchy fabric. Typically costing around $15-$20, these tops can be found in local stores such as Hollister, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. These tops also come in multiple colors to match different outfits. The downsides of these tops are that they are not school-appropriate and a lot of the time sold out online. Still, they are perfect to wear on the weekends and can be purchased at stores in town. 

3. Chubbies 

Chubbies is a clothing piece that every boy needs. These shorts are cozy and come in 17 different colors. The prices vary depending on the style, but it is usually $65 on the official website. These shorts can be worn in both casual and fancy events. The fabric is not only very durable and water resistant, but also lightweight and stretchy to fit all sizes. These shorts match with all clothing fabrics and colors making them perfect to wear year round.

Trends that should go 

  1. Golden Goose Shoes

Golden Gooses cost $500, which is on the expensive side for shoes. However, they are a bit plain and not very comfortable. Many girls have these exact shoes even though they are not durable and have many dupes of the same shoe for less than $100. For paying such a high price for these shoes, the customer expects relaxing shoes, but no, these shoes will often give blisters when walking for a long time. These shoes will crease very easily if not taken the best care of and most come with scuffs on them. Save yourself $500 and drop the shoes.

  1. High Nike socks

No show socks, ankle socks are all great things to wear with shoes. However, High Nike socks or high socks in general do not make the cut. These socks in particular cost $24. This statement in an outfit never works, a person does not want socks to take the attention away from the whole outfit. These socks are also very basic since every teen boy wears them on a daily basis even during events that the socks look out of place. Nike high socks are only good to wear on the weekends or during school. Without any originality, Nike socks need to go. Drop these shocks and try something different. 

  1. Long jean shorts 

People have jeans, people have jean shorts. Why do we need something in the middle? These long jean shorts, also known as jorts, need to leave everyone's closet. If it is cold outside a person wears jeans. If it is warm outside a person wears shorts. There is never a good time to wear jorts. Jorts were popular in the early 2000s, and there is a reason this clothing stopped being popular. Jorts look very big and not very flattering.There are a lot of cute clothes from the 2000s, but leave long jeans short in the past. The shorts look awkward and only a few people, if any, pull them off.  

2024 is just around the corner and, and it is time for people to upgrade their closets. Some trends that popped up this year need to stay only in this year. Other trends should stay around and be a staple. Let's have 2024 filled with the best clothes.


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