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When I Grow up, I Want To Be Just Like You

The Importance of Having a Role Model

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A role model is someone who you admire and look up to. This person can be a celebrity, a friend or a family member. Having a role model is beneficial because they can provide motivation, inspiration and support. 

When choosing a role model, it’s important to pick a person whose values align with one's personal views. When doing so, a young adult should ensure that they're looking up to someone who has the same principles as them. It’s also important to choose someone who is successful in the area that you want to be strong in.

There are many situations in life that can call for a role model. For example, having a good role model in the workplace can be beneficial by improving one’s work habits and mindset. Moreover, role models can help boost a person's morals by using their traits to make the workplace an environment that people enjoy. Their attitudes inspire others to perform optimally at all times.

The most important thing is to take what you admire about a role model and use it as inspiration in a personal setting. It is essential, especially for young professionals, to find a source of inspiration and motivation that supports them in becoming accountable and empowered to develop their careers and achieve ambitious goals.

Role models can also fuel a person's positive perspective on life. They can help an individual see the good in people and the potential for good in themself. This can be especially useful to someone going through tough times. Having a role model can also give a person a sense of purpose. When someone sees another person who is living their dreams and achieving their goals, it can inspire them to do the same. Seeing someone else who is happy and successful can also be a reminder that it is attainable to have a joyful life.

Looking up to a role model can also help improve a person's social skills. When interacting with someone who is confident and outgoing, it can rub off on a person. This can be helpful in both a personal and professional atmosphere.

While having someone to look up to is good, it is important not to over idolize them, especially for teens and young adults who are easily influenced. However, when going about picking someone to look up to in the correct way, someone with the same values, having a role model can foster a sense of motivation to achieve one’s dreams.


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