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World War III Could Start With This Interaction

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un Have a Meeting Together

Two nuclear power houses have met together for the first time in the public eye. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea, agreed to convene on Sept. 13 to discuss issues in a secluded room with maximum security in Moscow. This meeting took five hours and both parties are planning on meeting again to go more in depth on their agreement. Due to this meeting and upcoming ones, North Korea and Russia are now in a heavy alliance together and have agreed to provide any necessary resources to the other. The discussion between the two prioritized weapons, missiles and nuclear bombs, which raises tensions with the United States and the world. 

“I don't believe it could lead to World War III but I do believe it could lead to tense feelings between Russia and the United States,” junior Gabby Dattoli said. “We don't have a very friendly relationship with North Korea and there is a high probability that they’re talking about nuclear weapon revision.” 

The U.S. has a rough relationship with both countries. The U.S. helps Ukraine by giving them weapons and money to help fight against Russia, leading to a bad relationship between the U.S. and Russia. North Korea and the U.S. have a rocky relationship due to multiple encounters between both countries. With Ukraine and Russia fighting against each other and Ukraine losing, the U.S. is considering giving Ukraine missiles to help defeat Russia. When Putin heard of this, he decided to have a meeting with Kim Jong Un. The tension increasing between these countries could eventually lead to World War III or some political events that will have a negative effect on Americans.

“We’ve had past tensions, but I think America’s in a state right now where we should focus more on ourselves and it really concerns ourselves with what is happening overseas,” upper school history teacher Justin VanTassel said. 

Although this meeting may not lead to World War III, it will cause more aggression between the two parties. The U.S. is focusing on improving their economy; however, if  North Korea and Russia decide to use nuclear weapons for any reason, the U.S. will have to intervene. This interaction will also affect Ukraine since the resources that Russia will get from North Korea will  be used against Ukraine. If this happens, other countries will get involved, which could potentially create a war, which none of the countries wants because it will likely be a nuclear war with no winners. While this is an ongoing issue,  many students have no idea that it is happening. 

“I did not [know Kim Jong Un and Putin were meeting up],” junior Sebastian Aleksander said. “It scares me that there might be a possible nuclear threat happening.”


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