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A Volleyball Victory

Maclay Secures the Semifinal District Win Against Pensacola Catholic

Photo Courtesy of Laura Zaidan/Maclay Andalusian

The Maclay varsity volleyball team keeps their hopes up high for their first district game of the year. On Tuesday, Oct. 17, Maclay hosted a home game against Pensacola Catholic at 6 p.m. Maclay takes their next step, finally entering the first round of districts.

Senior Katelyn Eldred serves first, and in under a minute, Maclay scores their first point of the game. The Maclay team confidently wins their first set 29-27. Throughout the game, the team’s cooperation and energy further motivated them to win, resulting in a 3-0 victory. Although the game was perceived to be easy, the preparation for it was far from simple.

“We really worked hard, [including] a lot of conditioning,” junior Kayla Iarossi said “[And] honestly, it’s been really debilitating to our team, and we are hopeful to make it through.”

Having three hour practices, watching film and establishing a game place to specifically target upcoming teams will further benefit their team’s play. 

“Since we have faced Florida High twice this season, we know what works and what doesn’t,” Eldred said. “I think we will be prepared and ready to execute the game plan.” 

These last few games for the season immensely affect the players, especially the seniors on the team. Volleyball impacts the player’s lives so much and for many, it is more than just a sport, but an aspect of life that they will cherish forever.

“My experience as a senior on the team has been nothing short of amazing,” senior Abbie Hartmann said. “I am so grateful to lead a team of talented girls and know that they will be in good hands once I leave.” 

The seniors on the team were so happy to have made an impact on their younger teammates. 

Their dedication and effort will leave behind so much for other players to learn from. Not only do they teach the younger players, but they have learned from them as well. 

There were many things that I got to learn and contribute to the team that I had never done before,” Eldred said. 

The team always continues to give their all and push to reach their maximum potential every day. They pour their heart into every practice and game, never settling for less. 

The Maclay varsity volleyball team holds onto their optimism for the district championship game against the Florida High volleyball team at Florida High School on Oct. 19 at 6 p.m.


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