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Another Day Another Win for the OG’s

Epic Games Releases Their OG season for Fortnite Battle Royale

In 2018, a brand new Battle Royale game “Fortnite” hit the store. Fortnite is a third person shooter game that allows players to build and fight in order to be the last one standing out of 100 other players. When Fornite was first released, it was a big hit and people from around the world took to their keyboards and controllers to try and earn themselves that sweet “Victory Royale.” 

Fortnite has gone over a series of updates where each time a new season and storyline is released. Most importantly though these updates bring changes to the map, weapons and items in the game. Before the most recent update, Epic Games received a lot of backlash from players saying that “the map was boring and didn’t fit the game.” With that, Epic went back to the roots and released the original map and weapons that were found in the first chapter of Fortnite. Over a period of 6 weeks players will get one week with the original seasons, starting at season five which will lead to season six, seven, eight and nine.

“It really brings back that nostalgia,” freshman Henry Richardson said. “I love being able to log back in and play prime Fortnite with my friends.”

With each new season in this “OG Chapter” players will get a chance to work their way through what epic calls “the OG Pass.” Although it seems just like the battle pass, the OG pass is way shorter due to the shortened seasons with a price of 950 v-bucks (in game currency) players can work their way through it by earning experience points (XP) through completing challenges and winning games.

“I love this new season and I hope Epic keeps it like this,” junior Lily Thompson said. “OG Fortnite is arguably the best thing Epic could have released.”

The weapons that made an appearance in season five have also reappeared and soon the weapons from all the other seasons in OG Fortnite will be available to players as the respective seasons come out.  Although there are major graphic changes in the game from the 2018 version, it still feels the same. 

“I love it,” junior Kareem Dawoud said. “It’s different from when it was first released but it's still super fun to play and I can’t get enough of it.”

Fortnite will continue to release each new season every week until they get to season 10 where the Fornite community will expect an in-game event to cap the season off. The next season will be season six which will be live for users on Nov. 9.


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