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Bro’s Ballin’

The Maclay Varsity Volleyball Team Hosts Another Year of Broball

Photo by Jaclyn Summers/Maclay Andalusian

Every Halloween, the Maclay varsity volleyball team hosts a boys volleyball tournament–Broball– between each of the four grades: freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Each of the players from the volleyball team coach their own grade and the teams get two weeks to practice before the big game. Each grade then plays each other in a tournament during their FLEX period. 

The first game was played between the seniors and the freshmen. The initial thought from spectators was that the seniors would have an easy win. However, it was a hard fought battle for eight minutes with a back-and-forth lead from both teams. The seniors were victorious, though, with a final score of 14-12.

The second game was played between the juniors and the sophomores. Having won Broball the previous year, it was expected that the junior team would have a lead against all the other teams. However, the sophomores fought hard and pulled a win over the juniors, shocking everyone.

“The effort that our team put in and felt that the final win was well deserved,” sophomore Luke Daunt said. “With the lack of preparation we had, and our team being on the shorter side, I was happy with the performance.”

The final score from the game was 13-10. This frustrated the junior class, especially their coaches. Junior Landri Ross tried to remain calm in the midst of chaos to coach her team through their loss.

As a coach, I thought my team performed as well as could be expected,” Ross said. “We never really got a chance to prepare, so overall I don’t think that they performed badly. I think with a little more preparation we could have made it to the championship.

The championship match was played between both of the previous match winners: the seniors and the sophomores. Unlike the others, this match was played until one team scored 25 points. The game lasted around 20 minutes filled with anticipation. The seniors won the match with a final score of 25-20. Coached by seniors Brooke Nohle, Abbie Hartmann and Katelyn Eldred, the seniors were beyond thrilled to take home the win and celebrated with each other.

“It [Winning] felt great, especially because it was my last year getting to play,” senior Bradley Carnes said. “I really don’t get many chances to play indoor volleyball, so it was an amazing experience.”

Broball was a fun experience for everyone involved and is a Maclay tradition that will be continued for many years to come.


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