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Gallery: Come Together Art Show

Playlist Therapy - Maclay’s Music Club provides entertainment for the Come Together Art Show. They sang songs such as “Brazil” by Declan McKenna and “Where Is My Mind?” by the Blue Notes

In Tune - Senior Aleeza Moore entertains the art show audience by singing and playing bass.

Shaping Maclay - Art pieces were submitted by the students of Maclay. All forms of art were accepted. Items such as pottery, paintings, and photography were encouraged to be submitted in an effort to make the event’s pieces more diverse.

Lead by Example - Upper school art teacher Katelyn Dressel displays an abstract piece.

Highlighted Artwork - Current students and Maclay Alumni display their artwork in the Beck Family Innovation Center (BFIC).

Works of Art - The Come Together Art Show is an opportunity for students and teachers to display their works of art and show their talents.

Getting Involved - Art teacher Ismael Milligan is in charge of the National Art Honors Society (NAHS). Students involved in NAHS were required to submit a piece and other members of the art show were encouraged to do so. Milligan submitted his own piece which was displayed in the BFIC alongside his students’ works.

Made with Love - Sophomore Ella Tobe submitted a dish made with clay and glaze. The dish was unique to Tobe’s art style, allowing it to stand out from other pieces in her category.

Hard Work Pays off - Upon walking into BFIC, people were welcomed with students playing keyboard, piano, bass, drums and guitar. Each student put in hours of practice to successfully entertain their audience.

Photos by Blair Bayliss/Maclay Andalusian


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