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Gauff and Djokovic Claim US Open Titles

Recap of the 2023 US Open

From Aug. 22 to Sept. 10, tennis stars competed for a chance to sit in the throne of champions by claiming the 2023 US Open championship. Split into multiple categories such as singles and doubles many of the big names were able to walk away with their names carved into the history books, and the tennis world was shocked with a “Cinderella run” from the US’s own Ben Shelton. 

The 20-year-old played division one tennis at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. Shelton was able to qualify for his first ever US Open and the start of his picture perfect games began. Shelton easily moved through the different stages of the event until he reached the semifinals, where he was knocked out of the tournament. Shelton faced off against the famed Novak Djokovic, who advanced past Shelton to the US Open Championship match and brought home the hardware for the fourth time in his career. 

On the women’s side there was one name who dominated the bracket: Coco Gauff. Gauff made her way through the tournament win after win with no close matches at all. She took big named stars, such as Jelena Ostapenko, with match scores of 6-0. After working her way through the finals, Gauff was able to take home her first US Open win and solidify her name in tennis history. This first major win for Gauff tops her US open with a 12th consecutive win of the tournament. 

The 2023 US Open is the 143rd consecutive edition of the tournament and is the final major or “Grand Slam Event” of the year. Held in New York City this year, many big name celebrities came out to watch the giants of tennis compete for this title. This event was a roller coaster of emotions with Shelton making a run towards the playoffs just to be crushed by Djokovic by three sets in the final to Gauff controlling the tournament of the women’s side. However, when the dust settled, Djokovic and Gauff were crowned champions of the 143rd US Open.


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